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Product Image management with the x2x RMH-Shopify

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“A picture speaks a thousand words”. This is a well-heard phrase used to signify the importance of our sense of sight in understanding the context of our surroundings and how we perceive the world. We may not notice much but our sense to see and take the visual input determines how we navigate our daily life. For example, you instantly draw your save backward on a busy street when you see a car passing. The importance of visual inputs is apparent in the literal sense of navigating ourselves but also in how we make important decisions. We all can point to numerous points in our lives where we decide on something based on its appearance. Thus, the importance of visual input holds great importance in shaping our reactions, thoughts, and the perception we hold about something. 

Just in every domain of life, images also hold great importance in determining the dynamics of information conveyed and the perception created about any business and its products. Looking at the importance of visual inputs in the business world it’s important to manage the visual input of a product properly, especially in a digital domain where customers interact visually with the business and its products; hence it becomes important to manage product images with special attention. This article will discuss how you can manage product images in a hybrid business environment using the x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution.

Why product images are important for an online store?

Since visual input plays a large part in our decision making it's not hard to understand why product images are important in an online business environment. In the eCommerce world, unlike traditional shopping, people cannot physically interact with the business or its offerings. All is then left to the optical spectacles of the business that it presents to the customer to visualize. Anytime a customer is looking to buy a new product they have so many questions that need to be answered. Of course, every webstore aims to present their customer with the relevant details and specs of the product in multiple forms but its visual form holds a special place when it comes to conveying information about the product.

Help with product imagination:

A customer might be able to read the specs and features of a product but all that creates a void in his imagination to visualize the true nature of the product. Imagination follows the text inputs and what someone imagines after reading about your product is totally upto their imagination which may not align with the actual representation of your product. Displaying images, therefore, helps the customer see what the product is actually like and helps them with creating their actual imaginations about your product. Having product images therefore can be described as a tool that helps customers imagine your product that aligns with reality rather than based on amorphous imaginations that are not parallel to what your product is.

A picture speaks a thousand words:

No matter how much text information you provide your customers with, there’ll still be many unanswered questions wandering in customers’ minds. You would need pages of data to answer all and still cannot be guaranteed to satisfy all. A picture is really helpful in this regard by answering all the many questions that you can’t even imagine that the customer might be holding in their mind.

Help with scale comparison:

Everyone wants to hold the idea of how what they’re buying would fix the context of their lives. This matters most in an area of its literal sense – the world of dimensions. Putting pictures of items against objects of well-known dimensions helps people determine their actual scale.

A interface of the solution

How the x2x RMH-Shopify enables product image management 

The x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify is a comprehensive solution by the x2xeCommerce that offers various integration functions between the two platforms making the realization of a unified business management system possible for a hybrid retail business. An important consideration when pointing to the importance of this solution is its ability to provide users with management capabilities that align with their eCommerce needs – today we’ll talk about its image management capabilities.

The solution enables the user to export their product images from RMH to Shopify. Furthermore, realizing the need to present multiple product images on Shopify the solution enriches the customer to assign multiple images to a product once it’s imported into the PMP module of the solution. Some other image management features of the solution include:

  1. An image folder can be assigned in the PMP module that automatically assigns and uploads the images to Shopify by matching the SKU of the product.

  2. Images can be assigned to specific products using the item card in the PMP module.

  3. The position of images to be displayed can be configured.

How product image management makes the operation more efficient

The world of business comprises many tasks and operations that already overwhelm the resources. Therefore, the aim of any business management solution should be to provide its user with as seamless of operation as possible to enhance their productivity. The Product Management Portal of the solution enables the user to assign images in bulk to all the Shopify products with its picture folder session. Furthermore, by incorporating image management functionality it serves as a comprehensive platform where customers can handle all the aspects of the products allowing them to leverage the unified management by enabling them to manage all necessary aspects of product management of a single platform. This reduces the necessary steps required for publishing and managing the product online.


No doubt that product images hold great importance in conveying valuable information to customers. Thus, the comprehensiveness of an integration solution must incorporate product image management functionality to truly act as one. Given that, the x2xeCommerce RHM-Shopify integration solution provides image management capabilities that allow the user to manage product images on Shopify in an efficient manner helping them achieve a unified management system for their hybrid business. If you’re looking for this or any other integration solution in the domain of eCommerce, ERP, or POS system then the x2xeCommerce can help you implement one. An example of another integration solution by the x2x is the RMH-WooCommerce integration solution. Reach out to the x2xeCommerce team for any query or a free demo.



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