X2x RMH POS Shopify integration easy and simple inventory and order management for your team. It integrates RMH with Shopify to upload Categories, Matrix and Simple products/items from RMH to Shopify and downloads Orders from Shopify manually and/or automatically.

RMH Shopify Integration

Why x2x eCommerce for Retail Management Hero and Shopify Integration ?

x2x RMH Shopify integrator eliminates the effort required to manually manage your Shopify eCommerce store. This removes the human errors and reduce the efforts required to maintain and update your Shopify store

Always updated:

This omnichannel solution integrates RMH with Shopify to share the data between systems by regularly uploading the inventory of items in stock thereby reducing the chances of selling items not in the inventory.



x2x eCommerce RMH Shopify solution help to upload Categories, Matrix and Simple products (sku) from RMH POS Shopify and download orders from Shopify manually and/or automatically whether you are a single store operation or a multi store entity using RMH Central.

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Features of Retail Management Hero – RMH Shopify Integration:

  • Easy to Use: Easily sync RMH or RMS data online. Select the ALL button or sync one by one by clicking on one entity at a time. This will sync items in one click, images/photos desired buttons of Category, and Products/Items.

  • The mapping feature available in the solution provides you the option to map all the fields of Matrix and non matrix items. Select the RMH field that corresponds to your eCommerce field before the data is uploaded to your e-Commerce website.

  • All the department and categories uploaded from RMH/RMS can be renamed, new categories can be added or removed. Items can be assigned to additional categories. When uploaded, a new collection will be automatically created for every category.

  • All the items marked as web item in RMS/RMH becomes available with their Matrix parent and their department and categories. Items can be renamed online, enabled or disabled or can be assigned to as many collection as you want.

Features of RMH-Shopify Integration
Maximize your ROI (Return on Investment)
Security of RMH Shopify Connector
  • With the buying trends changing due to COVID and having seen the major shift to online eCommerce sales, are you ready provide what your customers want?

  • A fully automated eCommerce site powered by x2x eCommerce and integrated with RMH can quickly pay back your investment in a very short time.

  • Giving your customer ability to check your items and prices, compare products, upselling a cross-selling at the point of purchase, keeping the prices and available in stock always updated on your site will give your satisfied and happy customers.

  • An attractive, user friendly and efficient will boost your sales and profits and give you the opportunity to maximize your ROI

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x2x eCommerce platform save on labor cost and requires minimum training
Integrations Benefits
  • Powerful online eCommerce Platform

  • Require minimum training

  • Save on labor cost

  • Full RMS/RMH Shopify Integration Product

  • Capture customer data in RMH

  • Ship from RMS/RMH or Shopify

  • Secured - PCI DSS Compliant Mobile

  • Integrated eCommerce

  • Grow your business


Stay in sync

seamlessly integrate eCommerce to RMH / POS & ERP Solutions

"Accsoft has provided MS RMS cradle to grave support for our systems since 2006 for our Warehouse Headquarters and 4 stores. They have been instrumental in hardware, software acquisition, installation and service maintenance since then. When we needed to move from an archaic web site Accsoft provided the integration package from MS RMS to Shopify saving significant time and money."

Peter Barker, CEO , Distinctly Tea Inc.

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