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x2x Presents RMH-Shopify integration

Traditional selling and online selling are two different approaches to selling your products & services. While both have their pros and cons, in this age of digitalization the importance of an eCommerce store shouldn’t be overlooked. The importance of eCommerce was realized even more recently when the Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to close down.

However, while the eCommerce industry is witnessing growth in market share, traditional selling is still predominant. Therefore, such market dynamics demand the existence of both a physical store and an online store. Keeping this in mind, x2x has come up with an integration product that connects two very popular business solutions in these two domains, RMH-Shopify Integration.

How RMH-Shopify can benefit:

RHM-Shopify integration allows you to increase the efficiency of the company through automation and centralized management. This ensures transparency, saves time & resources, and prevents errors, uplifting the customer experience along with profitability.

Save time & resources:

  • Consider every time you make a sale at a physical store someone has to update the item available on your Shopify store. This doesn’t look practical, especially if you have a high sales volume. The inventory syncing functionality of x2x RMH-Shopify integration makes this task a matter of just a few clicks manually, and even more easily without any human intervention automatically at set time intervals, or in real-time, as you like.

  • Not just the inventory, but the x2x RMH-Shopify integration provides a completely integrated solution. Save time by directly uploading your products, categories, prices, and SEO information from your RMH to Shopify. This not only saves you time but also free up your human resource which you could use somewhere else more productive.

  • Furthermore, with x2x RMH-Shopify integration you can download orders and fulfill them directly from RMH. This eliminates a lot of manual tasks and saves time automatically updating orders and financial status on your Shopify store as the order is processed in RHM.

Ensure transparency:

One great benefit of x2x RMH-Shopify integration is the access to instant and accurate information available at both ends. This brings transparency to your data and improves its integrity making it easier for managing operations through a more streamlined approach and improved efficiency.

Improved customer experience:

The streamlined and optimized operations brought by the integration improve your customer experience shortening order fulfillment time and allowing you to respond to queries in a more informed fashion. Moreover, you can provide your customers with an omnichannel experience by maintaining their accounts and serving them as per likes and requirements in the future irrespective of the fact if they buy online or in-store.

Features of x2x RMH-Shopify:

To provide clients with the best functionality x2x RMH-Shopify integration is packed with great features focused on enhancing the user experience and making the software more convenient.

Configuration Flexibility:

You can choose how the x2x RMH-Shopify integration works for you. Choose to download/upload orders and products manually or automatically, set a timer to schedule, create a new customer or use the default customer. This and many other options are available for users to choose from as their like.


The scheduler allows the user to set the time interval to download web orders into RMH or upload information such as products, SEO, prices, and categories to Shopify.

Activity log:

With an activity log, you can easily keep track of all your upload/download activities and whether they were successful or unsuccessful.

Let us do it for you:

With our team of integration experts, we’re always ready to serve you whatever your needs are. We’ll do the complete setup for you integrating & configuring our products as per your requirements. We’ll ensure customized mapping of your POS field with relevant Shopify attributes so that your integration and data migration between the two platforms can achieve full efficacy. Furthermore, our product comes with a comprehensive manual to help you guide, should you need it anytime. And still! You can always reach our customer care to get any kind of help.

So if you’re using these platforms or looking to integrate them reach out to us and make your operations more convenient, smoother, and faster while at the same time ensuring better customer satisfaction through a reduced order fulfillment cycle.


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