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Microsoft Dynamics GP to Shopify Integration - Integrate Great Plains

x2x eCommerce provides seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP software and Shopify. The key process automation enables businesses to manage their website efficiently and to provide a customer-solution solution friendly customers to the site visitors and customers.


x2x Shopify and Dynamics Great Plains integration ensures real-time data availability, making the business processes accurate, fast and smooth.


This includes the item, prices, and inventory updates, downloading of Shopify Orders to Dynamics GP, and uploading order fulfillment to Shopify

x2x Dynamics GP Shopify Integrations Infograph


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Why x2x eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Shopify Integration?

x2x eCommerce Dynamics GP and Shopify software solution is a native module in Dynamics GP which looks and feels and behaves like a native module of Dynamics GP. This makes the solution very user-friendly and easy to use. Being the native module of Dynamics GP, the solution gives the business the flexibility to configure different features of the eCommerce module according to their need and requirement. x2x eCommerce Shopify and Dynamics GP integration help customers to keep pace with the competitive market and changing trends. 

When an order is placed on the Shopify store, the x2x Dynamics GP and Shopify integration download the order in Dynamics GP. x2x eCommerce integrated solution makes it available for fulfillment to the warehouse. On shipment of the order by the company, the inventory is adjusted in Shopify, the order fulfillment status is updated, and the payment is captured against the credit card. This eliminates the need for any manual interaction and automates the whole process bringing efficiency and cost savings to the company.

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  • Manages multiple Shopify stores and GP companies.

  • Link each Shopify store with a different GP company.

  • Map Shopify Inventory Items with GP Items.

  • Integrates Shopify Payment methods with GP payment methods.

  • Map Shopify Shipping methods with GP shipping methods.

  • Map Shopify Tax details with GP Tax Details.

  • Download Shopify Orders to GP with shipping, tax, and payment information.

  • B2C Customer creation - create a customer or use generic customer B2B.

  • Customer creation - create customers on Shopify from GP.

  • Integrating Item information to update item information, inventory, and prices. 

  • Job Scheduler – allow you to schedule the upload/download frequency.

  • Activity Logs – Complete log of successful /failure in data communications.

  • Email notifications – optionally send email to the user on the data transfer activity.

System Integration of GP Shopify
Product Catalog of GP Shopify


  • Upload collections on Shopify using upload item categories in BC.

  • Create unlimited categories and sub-categories.

  • Easy to add, edit and delete.

  • Import/Export from Excel to update categories.


  • “Upload Items” Conveniently upload the items to Shopify.

  • Update prices and inventory.

  • Create Parent items and linked with child items.

  • Assign the same item to multiple Shopify stores.

  • Update item inventory to multiple Shopify stores.

  • Update item prices to multiple Shopify stores.

Item Upload of GP Shopify
Product Images of GP Shopify


  • Conveniently upload the images to Shopify.

  • Do it manually to run it through a scheduler.

  • Full transmission log.


  • Export/Import Items and other information.

  • Export/Import product categories/sub-categories.

  • Assign items to a category or sub-category.

Import Export of GP Shopify
B2B Customer Integration of GP Shopify


  • Mark a GP customer as webstore to upload the customer to Shopify.

  • Cross reference Shopify ID with customer origin.

  • Allow Multiple customer addresses.

  •  Update customer credit limit and outstanding balance to Shopify.


  • Option to create Shopify B2C customers in GP.

  • Use the template to create customers in GP.

  • Auto-assign customer ID.

  • Allow selection of BC Number Series for the Customer creation.

  •  Assign default B2C price group.

B2C Customer Integration of GP Shopify
Order Entry Process of GP Shopify


  • Choose the status of the order to download.

  • Change the status of downloaded orders.

  • Allow selection of Batch ID for Sales Order.

  • Use a predefined GP order template to create web orders in GP.

  • Web order numbers to be controlled by GP.

  • Upload regular orders entered in GP to Shopify.

  • Check inventory availability at the time of order submission.

  • Download order in GP with tax, shipping, and payment information.

  • Order download from different Shopify stores to different GP companies.


  • Order modified in Shopify will change the order in GP.

  • Order modified in GP will change the order on Shopify.

  • Pre-authorization obtained with the original order is canceled.

  • New pre-authorization is obtained for the revised amount.

Order Modification Process of GP Shopify
Order Cancellation Process of GP Shopify


  • An order canceled in Shopify will cancel the order in GP.

  • Pre-authorization obtained with the original order will be canceled.


  • Order shipped in GP to update the shipment status of the order on Shopify.

  • The tracking number entered in GP is updated on Shopify.

Shipping Process of GP Shopify
Invoicing Process of GP Shopify


  • Order converted to invoice in GP creates a fulfillment on Shopify.

  • The customer is charged and the pre-auth is released.


  • Amount pre-authorized at the time of order placement is taken as a receipt.

  • If the amount is changed, the amount received is to be modified.

  • No entry is created when the pre-auth is converted to a charge.

Payment Process of GP Shopify
Benefits of GP Shopify Strip

Benefits of Dynamics GP to Shopify Integration :

  • Reduction of Human Errors: The Shopify Microsoft Dynamics integration from x2x eCommerce minimizes manual data entry. The solution makes the data available on both platforms without the need for human interaction. This reduces the chances of data discrepancy and redundancy which are usually caused by human error.

  • Improved Insight into customer data: Get a detailed view of your customers in the ERP system as well through eCommerce and ERP platform integration. Analyze customers’ needs, buying patterns, order history, preferences, and account information. The improved data insight and the ability to do a demand analysis on the available data help in providing better service to the customers.

  • Increased Overall Efficiency: Automation of different processes makes work faster, saving enough time. The automation provided by the solution saves a significant amount of human effort. With x2x eCommerce Dynamics GP and Shopify solution syncing of data from one entity to another can be done easily, which, in turn, frees up the resources. These resources can, now, focus on other important tasks rather than the repetitive task of uploading data and cross-checking, thereby increasing the overall operational efficiency.

  • Real-time data availability: Tight Integration between the eCommerce platform and an ERP system not only reduces the data discrepancy but also provides data accuracy and real-time data availability.

  • Lessened Operational Cost: No need to hire an extra workforce for updating/uploading information like items, inventory, and price level. Also, there is no need to double-check the data. This results in not only a reduction in human errors but also significantly reduces the human resource requirements to manage the eCommerce site.

  • Increased Customer Engagement and satisfaction: With faster and smoother order processing and prompt response to customer queries, increase customer satisfaction and their trust in the company. Providing a pleasant and user-friendly experience to customers will bring the customers back to the site. Better Customer Engagement and satisfaction help not only in retaining existing customers but also to attract new customers.

  • Quick and Easy Implementation of solution: x2x eCommerce team of experts that makes the integration process hassle-free, and our solution specialists are available to provide complete Technical Support & Assistance.

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains to Shopify - Integrating Touchpoints :

  • Our module allows us to Upload categories and sub-categories from GP to the Shopify store.

  • The creation of Parent/child items is introduced in the integration module.

  • Existing items in GP can be uploaded easily to Shopify store by making them web-store items.

  • Information of New web customers including contact information, email address, etc. can be downloaded in Microsoft Dynamics GP by creating the same customer in GP.

  • Existing customers in GP can also be uploaded on Shopify.

  • Inventory and price updates are available.

  • Stock can be deducted automatically after downloading an e-commerce order.

  • Sales orders generated on Shopify can be easily downloaded into Microsoft
    Dynamics GP, having all the relevant information.

  • After-sales order is shipped and invoiced from Microsoft Dynamics GP, its fulfillment status will be updated on Shopify.

  • Area-specific tax mappings are available.

  • Shipping method and payment method mappings are also available.

  • Item mapping allows mapping different item entities among GP and Shopify store.



"We are very happy that we have automated our processes using x2x e-commerce, it has resulted in significant time savings for us as there is not a need to invoice online orders received. With the integration into GP, we have eliminated the need for staff to enter orders as they now go directly in our system. Being in an essentially live environment makes for improved accuracy and labour savings."

Terri L , Amos Pewter

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