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x2x Presents: RMH-Woo Integration

There aren’t any industries where digitalization hasn’t shown its impact. Retail business is no exception. In fact, the eCommerce industry currently stands at $5.7 trillion and is expected to grow to more than $10 trillion by 2027.

This may sound exciting from a business point of view, and it is! However, using multiple platforms adds to the cost and complexity of operations. Having an eCommerce site & physical store, using the same resources makes it not only very tedious but your processes become prone to errors, offsetting the additional revenue that your company sought from the eCommerce segment.

How to ensure items are not oversold? How to ensure the product availability on webstore is accurate? How to handle the cumbersome task of manually entering the data in two different systems without any errors? These are among many confounding questions that arise in any business having a multi-channel sales approach.

What’s the solution to all this?

Integration software allows data migration between two platforms in a structured way, automating the operations done manually otherwise. X2X RMH-WooCommerce is one such app syncing the data between RMH and WooCommerce.

x2x RMH-WooCommerce Integration:

x2x RMH-WooCommerce allows for bi-directional flow data between RMH and WooCommerce enabling syncing, automation, error elimination, and improving productivity. Furthermore, businesses save time and resources that they can invest in other areas. Some of the ways in which x2x RMH-WooCommerce facilitates the user:

Features of x2x RMH-WooCommerce:

Flexible as per user requirements:

x2x RMH-WooCommerce is designed with different requirements in consideration. Download orders automatically or manually, set scheduler timings based on your sales volume, use default or new customers, whether to create new items or not

Ensure Inventory accuracy:

Save time and prevent overselling items, as integration ensures that the inventory is accurate and consistent on both platforms by automatically or manually syncing inventory.

Product Upload Capability:

Ensure product information consistency on both platforms and save time by uploading items from RMH to WooCommerce, instead of creating the same item on both platforms simultaneously.

Product Info Update:

You can update prices, categories, descriptions, and various other product entities.

Assign departments/Categories:

Using x2x RMH-WooCommerce you can assign departments and categories to products from RMH.


Upload/download data automatically using set time intervals.

Track your activities:

Track all your uploads/downloads activities through Activity Log.

Make better-informed decisions:

Business decisions have a great impact. Make reports on sales, backorder, and shipping to analyze your sales activities, make better decisions, and take action accordingly.


Data migration between multiple platforms is crucial for data management and seamless operations. x2x RMH-WooCommerce provides the user with great compatibilities catering to the needs of business owners. Our product is developed by experts that understand the complexity and operations of both platforms. The user interface is not only similar to RMH but also very user-friendly, requiring basic training. With easy and quick implementation, you’ll have a comprehensive integrated system enabling centralized inventory management with regular updating of pricing and stock along with other functionalities.

Ready to serve you:

Our experts are always ready to help you with a consultation and help you select the best solution. If you are using some other platform like Shopify or Magento, look at our other products such as RMH-Shopify and RMH-Magento. Feel free to inquire about any of our products. Connect with us at or 888-929-3266 and use your Free Demo right away.

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