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Retail Management Hero - WooCommerce

x2x eCommerce Retail Management Hero with WooCommerce integration suite

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Why x2x eCommerce for Retail Management Hero and WooCommerce Integration ?

If you are thinking of using an additional platform, software integration would be the best option as it allows the systems to work with minimal disruption. If your aim is to significantly reduce the operational cost while increasing your eCommerce business, you should integrate your Retail Management Hero software with WooCommerce.

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Features of Retail Management Hero - WooCommerce Integration

RMH WooCommerce Features

x2x eCommerce RMH-WooCommerce solution creates a bi-directional bridge between RMH and WooCommerce.

That means, it uploads your POS inventory to WooCommerce and downloads WooCommerce orders into your RMH POS system.

You can easily synchronize RMH data in one go by clicking the ALL button or synchronize one by one by clicking on your desired buttons of Category, Product, Assign Category and use STOP feature to stop any running synchronization.

Security of Retail Management Hero - WooCommerce Integration :

  • Your data is safe with x2x eCommerce as we ensure full Security compliance.

  • You can easily configure the API settings for x2x RMH WooCommerce solution to connect with WooCommerce.

  • Just enter WooCommerce URL, API key, Shared Key & Password.

  • The x2x eCommerce team takes care of error handling and ensures that the data is accurate.

RMH WooCommerce Security
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Benefits of Retail Management Hero - WooCommerce Integration
rmh to woocommerce benefits
  • Full RMH WooCommerce integration.

  • Easy and quick implementation.

  • Regular updating of pricing & inventory data.

  • Centralized inventory management.

  • Search engine optimization.

  • More than 400 official extensions.

  • Generate reports on sales, backorders, and shipping.


"Accsoft has provided MS RMS cradle to grave support for our systems since 2006 for our Warehouse Headquarters and 4 stores. They have been instrumental in hardware, software acquisition, installation and service maintenance since then. When we needed to move from an archaic web site Accsoft provided the integration package from MS RMS to Shopify saving significant time and money."

Peter Barker, CEO , Distinctly Tea Inc.

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