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RMH to Acumatica Integration

Experience game-changing efficiency and accuracy in your retail business with the x2x RMH – Acumatica Integration. This seamless integration empowers you to automate master data and sales transaction updates, eliminate errors and discrepancies, and ensure data accuracy across both systems for confident financial reporting and decision-making.

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Boost Efficiency and Accuracy with RMH and Acumatica:

Why x2x eCommerce for RMH to Acumatica Integration?

The retail landscape often finds itself navigating two distinct but crucial worlds: the Point-of-Sale (POS) system that fuels frontline interactions and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that orchestrates back-office operations. While both hold their power, their separate spheres can create data silos and operational friction, hindering smooth workflow and insights. This disconnect can stifle efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately, your competitive edge.

x2x eCommerce steps in as the harmonizing force. It doesn't simply connect your POS and ERP; it transforms them into a unified force. Your store operations and back-office functions work together, sharing vital information, optimizing workflows, and propelling your business toward greater success.

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Integration Solution Scope

Experience game-changing efficiency and accuracy in your retail business with the x2x RMH – Acumatica Integration. This seamless integration empowers you to:

  • Automate master data and sales transaction updates: Say goodbye to manual data entry and embrace a world of effortless synchronization.

  • Eliminate errors and discrepancies: Ensure data accuracy across both systems for confident financial reporting and decision-making.

  • Optimize workflows and save time: Focus on what matters most with streamlined operations and instant access to data.



  • Streamline Customer Experience with Unified Acumatica and RMH Customer Management.

  • Effortlessly manage your customer base across your retail ecosystem with x2x eCommerce's seamless Customer Management module. Bridge the gap between Acumatica and RMH POS, empowering you to deliver exceptional customer experiences while optimizing operational efficiency.

Frictionless Download of Acumatica Customers:

  • Access your valuable CRM data directly in RMH. Download enabled Acumatica customers, including crucial information like name, address, and credit limits, ensuring immediate access for sales associates.

  • Say goodbye to manual data entry and duplicate customer records. This automatic download keeps RMH updated with the latest customer information from Acumatica, eliminating inconsistencies and saving time.

Intelligent Synchronization:

  • Experience the power of targeted data updates. Our solution efficiently identifies changes made to customer information in Acumatica since the last synchronization, ensuring only relevant updates are reflected in RMH.

  • No need for manual intervention or full data refreshes – focus on delivering personalized service while our technology handles the data synchronization with precision.

Seamless Customer Creation:

  • Eliminate double entry and maintain data integrity with this effortless two-way customer creation system.



Conquer Pricing Complexity with Unified Acumatica and RMH Price Management

Managing multiple price tiers across different systems can be a price war of its own. Break free from pricing chaos with x2x eCommerce's powerful Price Management module, seamlessly bridging the gap between your Acumatica ERP and RMH POS.

Effortlessly Map and Synchronize Prices:

  • Say goodbye to manual price updates. Our solution maps Acumatica pricing tiers – including Price, Price A, Price B, Price C, and MSRP – directly to the corresponding price levels in RMH.

  • Experience the magic of real-time synchronization. Any price changes made in Acumatica automatically update in RMH, ensuring consistent pricing across all channels and eliminating the risk of errors.

Unlock the Power of Dynamic Pricing:

  • Empower agility and customer focus. With real-time price visibility, you can quickly adjust prices in response to market fluctuations, promotions, or individual customer needs.

  • Optimize profit margins. Make data-driven decisions about pricing strategies based on accurate sales analytics and inventory data from both Acumatica and RMH.


Unleash Effortless Inventory Harmony with Acumatica and RMH Integration. Streamline your inventory management and achieve real-time visibility with x2x eCommerce's seamless Item Management module. This powerful integration bridges the gap between your Acumatica ERP and RMH POS, ensuring effortless product synchronization and empowering you to make informed decisions that drive growth and customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to manual updates and embrace the power of automation.

Instant Item Creation:

  • Effortlessly create items in RMH directly from Acumatica, including essential details like item number, description, cost, and UOM.

  • New products flow seamlessly from your ERP to your POS, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring immediate availability for sales and inventory management.

Always In Sync:

  • Experience the magic of real-time data synchronization. Any changes made to item information in Acumatica are automatically reflected in RMH, ensuring:

    • Consistent pricing across all channels

    • Accurate inventory levels

    • A unified view of your product catalog

  • Embrace a single source of truth for your inventory data, empowering confident decision-making.



Elevate your sales management to new heights with x2x eCommerce's powerful integration for Acumatica. Forget manual data entry and fragmented processes – our solution seamlessly bridges the gap between RMH and Acumatica, empowering you to operate with efficiency, accuracy, and unparalleled control.

Here's how we transform your sales landscape:

  • Effortless Invoice Generation: Say goodbye to batch processing delays. Create individual or consolidated invoices for walk-in, credit, and named customers directly from RMH batches, mapped to corresponding Acumatica locations. Choose item-wise and tender-wise details for enhanced transparency and granular control.

  • Seamless Returns Management: Handle returns with ease. Process individual item-wise and tender-wise sales returns directly in Acumatica, ensuring accurate inventory updates and streamlined accounting.

  • Automated Cash Receipts: Simplify financial operations. Automatically generate cash receipts in Acumatica for payments received from credit customers in RMH, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring complete financial integrity.

  • Intelligent Payment Application: Never miss a match. Automatically apply payments received from customers to invoices based on RMH data, guaranteeing accurate accounting, and streamlined reconciliation.

  • Centralized Sales Synchronization: Take control of the Sales Synchronization Job in Acumatica. Schedule automated data exchange between RMH and Acumatica, ensuring real-time visibility and eliminating the risk of human error.

No more juggling disparate systems or struggling with manual workarounds. x2x eCommerce's Acumatica integration streamlines your sales workflow, empowering you to:

  • Boost Efficiency: Automate time-consuming tasks and eliminate manual data entry, freeing up your team to focus on high-value activities.

  • Enhance Accuracy: Eliminate data discrepancies and ensure complete financial integrity with real-time data synchronization.

  • Gain Insights: Make data-driven decisions with detailed sales reports and comprehensive visibility into customer behavior.

  • Improve Customer Service: Respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently with access to real-time sales and payment information.

Unlock the full potential of your x2x RMH Acumatica seamless integration transforms your sales management into a powerful engine for growth and efficiency.

Multi-Currency Management

Embrace the opportunities of global commerce without the complexities of currency conversion. x2x eCommerce's powerful Multi-Currency Management module seamlessly bridges the gap between your RMH POS and Acumatica, ensuring accurate financial transactions and streamlined reporting across diverse markets.

Benefits Beyond Borders:

  • Expand Your Market Reach:  Sell in any geography using their local currency irrespective of your Acumatica Home Currency.

  • Simplify Financial Management: Eliminate manual calculations and complex conversion spreadsheets, saving time and resources.

  • Gain Accurate Insights: Generate comprehensive reports based on consistent currency values, driving informed business decisions, and optimizing strategies.

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: Offer the convenience of paying in their local currency, fostering trust and loyalty.

Multi-Currency Management
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Unleash Operational Harmony with Streamlined RMH to Acumatica Integration

Say goodbye to data silos and manual workarounds. x2x eCommerce's powerful RMH to Acumatica integration unlocks a world of seamless two-way communication between your POS and ERP systems. No more clunky handoffs and disparate information – embrace seamless automation and discover the magic of a unified retail ecosystem.

Here's how x2x elevates your retail game:

Forget tedious double-entry. Our integration automates key business tasks, eliminating manual data transfer and streamlining processes like sales orders, inventory updates, and financial reporting.



"Accsoft has provided MS RMS cradle to grave support for our systems since 2006 for our Warehouse Headquarters and 4 stores. They have been instrumental in hardware, software acquisition, installation and service maintenance since then. When we needed to move from an archaic web site Accsoft provided the integration package from MS RMS to Shopify saving significant time and money."

Peter Barker, CEO , Distinctly Tea Inc.

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