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Product Management in x2xeCommerce BC- Shopify integration

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Managing businesses means engaging in complex dynamics of scheduling, tracking, maintaining, ordering, and efficiently arranging various entities to realize the potential and purpose of your business effectively. The success of your business in many cases is significantly dependent on how well you manage different aspects of your business. Depending on the type of business some business elements demand more management efforts than others. For example, in a retail environment products are the primary entities that must be managed properly to run smooth and desired operations. If any product data is not managed correctly then it may cause errors in the subsequent and other related processes that use this data such as transactions and maintaining chart of accounts. 

To ensure an efficient product management system for your business, therefore, you need to ensure that your management system is capable of managing products with data consistency on all front of your operations to avoid any discrepancies. The rising popularity of eCommerce has motivated many retailers to go online. However, their system needs to adapt to these by incorporating tools that enable them to manage their products in each domain from a common platform to achieve efficiency and system consistency. Introducing the x2xeCommerce BC-Shopify Integration solution that makes it easy to synchronize your product across two platforms and helps you achieve seamless product management operations for your hybrid model.

What is the x2xeCommerce BC-Shopify integration solution?

The x2xeCommerce BC-Shopify integration solution is an integration solution designed to synchronize operations between Business Central and Shopify for businesses using Business Central as their central management solution and utilizing Shopify as their webstore platform. The solution offers integration and automated workflow capabilities in the following segments 

  1. Shopify order processing 

  2. Shopify product management from BC 

  3. Customer synchronization between BC & Shopify 

  4. Inventory synchronization 

The solution offers a native BC environment acting as an add-on to the Business Central that presents an easy learning curve for the user already familiar with the BC. 

Uploading the product

The Business Central & Shopify integration solution offers various integration facilities for the user 

Uploading items through the item card

Upon installation of the integration solution, the x2x add-on adds an "upload to the Shopify" option to the item card in BC. You can upload single items to Shopify through item cards in Business Central through this option. The add-on also adds an additional tab to the item cards that display the relevant syncing information. Once the item has been uploaded you can see the Shopify ID for the item here signifying the completion of the upload process.

Uploading items automatically upon creation

If you want to automatically upload all the items to Shopify as they’re created in Business Central you can do so by enabling an option in the preference setting of the x2xeCommerce add-on. Once this option is enabled all your new items created in Shopify will get uploaded to Shopify as they’re created.

Bulk uploading

If you’ve multiple products or product data such as prices to upload at once then you can utilize the bulk upload functionality to upload them at a single instance.

a screenshot of the solution.

Creating and uploading matrix products

Many products on the webstore are matrix products. The x2x BC-Shopify integration can sync and create such products defined on Business Central to Shopify preventing double data entry and enhancing the consistency & efficiency of your operations. Creating a matrix product can be a tedious task. With this solution, you can save a great deal of time by directly creating matrix items in Shopify from already present matrix items in your Business Central. The solution also provides an option to create multiple matrix items more efficiently through an Excel sheet; thus saving you time.

Price management

Pricing your product right and accurately is also an important step to consider. The x2xeCommerce BC-Shopify solution allows you to utilize the pricing rules of Business Central to enable different pricing strategies for your webstore on Shopify. You can choose to simply map the regular price or choose the special prices of BC to your Shopify webstore.

Uploading & syncing item categories

You can also upload new or sync the categories existing in BC with categories of the same name in Shopify.

Uploading inventory

It’s vital that the inventory is consistent between the two solutions to avoid any mishap related to order fulfillment or customer satisfaction. You can either upload inventory upon creation, in bulk, or through the scheduler.


If you’re a retail business then you must know the importance of maintaining product information in your system correctly. ERP software offers users with comprehensive capabilities such as reporting, chart of accounts, analytics, and customer management. However, as businesses enter more domains their utilization of business solutions increases and so does the need to maintain the consistency of data between these solutions. Furthermore, with more solutions in utilization and more domains to manage, the number of operations increases as well. The x2xeCommerce BC-Shopify integration solution proves a very helpful tool in such scenarios for retail businesses using BC and Shopify allowing them to create automated product operation workflows and data consistency with its integration capabilities. Be it product info or categories, inventory, or prices the x2x solution ensures a seamless synchronization between two solutions. 

The x2xeCommerce being an expert in providing integration solutions in the domain of ERPs, POS, eCommerce, and accounting solutions can help you implement this or any other solution that pertains to your requirements. An example of another solution by the x2xeCommerce includes the x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution. Reach out to the x2x team for any query or a free demo.



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