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Dynamics GP to Magento eCommerce Integration -
Integrate eCommerce with ERP solution  

x2x eCommerce Dynamics GP-Magento Integration enables organizations to manage their eCommerce stores developed on the enterprise eCommerce solutions like Magento with their ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Developed as a native solution in Dynamics GP, x2x eCommerce add a new eCommerce module in the standard Microsoft Dynamics GP. With the familiar look and feel of Dynamics GP, the eCommerce module from x2x eCommerce is easy to understand and use by the already trained users of Dynamics GP.

Why x2x eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Magento eCommerce Integration?

  • Efficient Webstore Management brings more profits
    Efficient and dependable Streamlined Business process through seamless Integration between Dynamics GP and Magento eCommerce brings more profit through higher sales and better customer service.
  • Save the cost of employees
    With the site being managed by Retail Management Hero (RMH) there is no need to employ a team of persons for the management and upkeep of the site.
  • Cut on the cost of Human Errors
    The data is uploaded on the site automatically and orders are downloaded in RMH automatically, payments are captured when the items are shipped in RMH. This automation of the process eliminates the human errors that could cost significantly to the company.
  • Offer customers what you have
    immediately marks the out-of-stock items as unavailable keeps the customers happy and cuts on the hassle of calling and apologizing to customers.
  • New eCommerce-related features enhance the power of RMH
    Multiple images, SEO, and new categories are some of the features that are not available in RMH and are made available through PMP to get tighter integration with eCommerce.
  • Keeping the eCommerce site always updated and current
    Creating items when they are created in RMH, update prices and inventory on a near real-time basis keep your eCommerce site always updated.
  • Quick fulfilment = Happy Customer = Repeat Sales
    The elimination of the customer order of out-of-stock items and immediate availability of the order for shipment combined with the prompt communication to the customer on the shipment brings repeat sales.
  • More money in your pocket - Capturing Credit card Payments
    The message to the payment gateway is trigged as soon as the fulfillment is made to transfer the money from the customer's credit card to your account.
Discussing Over Documents

Seeing is believing. Here are a few videos on Magento ERP Integration to get you started!


x2x eCommerce Magento Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration enables organizations using enterprise ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP, to efficiently manage their e-commerce web-store developed using, the flexibility, power, and capabilities of the top-of-the-line, Magento e-commerce platform.


With x2x eCommerce, your customer will get the same customer-specific prices assigned to them in Dynamics GP after they log in with their user name. x2x eCommerce makes it very easy to manage by allowing mapping of the Dynamics GP price levels with Magento Customer Groups, and x2x does the rest. 


x2x eCommerce makes the site management easier using bulk upload of the Products and Catalog from Excel. Select the entity to export, define the selection criteria, and export it to Excel in one click. A few clicks and the updated data is in GP on its way to update the Magento eCommerce store.


x2x eCommerce allows seamless integration for order modification. When an order, created from a web order,  is modified in Dynamics GP, the order is replaced with the modified order in Magento, the pre-authorization is released a new credit card pre-authorization is requested, all done by x2x eCommerce.


x2x eCommerce adds this new functionality in Dynamics GP to create a Product Catalog for the Magento site.  Add any number of categories and subcategories to automatically update the Magento menu. Assign items to multiple categories is a matter of just one click and the product becomes available on the Magento.


x2x eCommerce facilitates the faster shipment processing first by only offering the items which are in stock eliminating the need to reach out to the customer with an apology, and by making the order available with complete information including the shipping method to be used to enable the shipment of the order, right away.


Features of Dynamics GP - Magento Integration


  • Deals with numerous Magento stores and GP organizations.

  • Interface each Magento store with an alternate GP organization.

  • Map Magento Stocks with GP Stocks.

  • Map Magento Payment techniques with GP techniques.

  • Map Magento Delivery techniques with GP transporting strategies.

  • Map Magento Tax subtleties with GP Tax Subtleties.

  • Download Magento Orders to GP with delivery, tax, and payment data.

  • B2C Client creation - make a client or utilize conventional client B2B.

  • Client creation - make clients on Magento from GP.

  • Stock data update (stock, list cost, and cost levels) Client Explicit Estimating - show the costs in light of the cost level appointed to clients.

  • Work Scheduler - permits you to plan the transfer/download recurrence.

  • Action Logs - Complete log of fruitful/failure in information correspondences.

  • Email notices - alternatively send messages to clients on the information movement action.

System Integration of GP Magento
Product Catalog of GP Magento


  • Transfer assortments from GP to Magento.

  • Make limitless classes and sub-classifications.

  • Make parent/kid connections between classes.

  • Enable/Disable classes.

  • Simple to add, alter and erase.

  • Import/Export from Excel to refresh classes.


  • "Transfer to Web store" helpfully transfer the stocks to Magento.

  • Update costs and cost levels.

  • Update Stock.

  • Update Website design enhancement, google checkout, and gift product checks.

  • Make obscure Magento products in GP.

  • Pick a layout to be utilized for making an obscure Magento product in GP.

  • Characterize the item type, permeability, and download property set.

  • Make Parent products and connected with child products.

  • Assign a similar product to different Magento stores.

  • Update product stock to numerous Magento stores.

  • Update product costs to numerous Magento stores.

Item Upload of GP Magento
Product Images of GP Magento


  • Advantageously transfer the pictures to Magento.

  • Do it physically to run it through a scheduler.

  • Full transmission details.


  • Send out/Import products and other data.

  • Send out/Import item classes/sub-classifications.

  • Assign products to a class or sub-class.

Import Export of GP Magento
B2B Customer Integration of GP Magento


  • Mark a GP client as a web store to transfer the client to Magento.

  • Cross-reference Magento ID with client origin.

  • Permit Numerous client addresses.

  • Update client credit limit and the remaining balance to Magento.

  • Transfer client explicit cost levels to Magento.


  • The choice to make Magento B2C clients in GP.

  • Utilize the layout to make clients in GP.

  • Auto-relegate client ID.

  • Relegate default B2C cost group.

B2C Customer Integration of GP Magento
Order Entry Process of GP Magento


  • Pick the situation with the order to download.

  • Change the situation with downloaded orders.

  • Permit determination of Batch ID for Sales Request.

  • Utilize a predefined GP request layout to make web orders in GP.

  • Web order numbers to be constrained by GP.

  • Transfer normal orders entered in GP to Magento.

  • Take a look at stock accessibility at the hour of request accommodation.

  • Download orders in GP with expense, delivery, and payment data.

  • Order download from various Magento stores to various GP organizations.


  • Order altered in Magento will be downloaded in GP.

  • Order altered in GP will change the order in Magento.

  • Another order with -n to supplant the current request in Magento.

  • Pre-approval got with the first order is dropped.

  • A new pre-approval is acknowledged for the modified sum.

Order Modification Process of GP Magento
Order Cancellation Process of GP Magento


  • A request dropped in Magento will drop the request in GP.

  • Pre-approval got with the first request will be dropped.


  • Request delivered in GP to refresh the shipment status of the request on Magento.

  • Another shipment record is made in Magento Request.

  • The tracking number entered in GP is refreshed on Magento.

Shipping Process of GP Magento
Invoicing Process of GP Magento


  • Request switched over completely to receipt in GP makes a receipt in Magento.

  • The receipt list shows the GP and Magento receipt numbers.

  • GP has some control over the Magento receipt number.

  • The client is charged and the pre-auth is delivered.


  • Sum pre-approved at the hour of request situation is taken as a receipt.

  • Assuming the sum is changed, the sum got is to be adjusted.

  • No passage is made when the pre-auth is switched over completely to a charge.

Payment Process of GP Magento


Clothing Store.jpg

Dynamics GP to Magento

  • Inventory items

  • Categories and sub categories

  • Multi-tier price levels

  • Product images

  • B2B customer information

  • Shipment information

Magento to Dynamics GP

  • Tax ID and rates

  • Shipping methods

  • Payment methods

  • Attributes and attribute sets

  • B2C customer and their information

  • Sales orders with all relevant information

Security of x2x Magento ERP Microsoft Dynamics GP 

  • The Magento ERP integration from x2x eCommerce makes sure that your confidential data is safeguarded and protected.

  • Integrating Magento with Dynamics GP from x2x eCommerce does not route your data through their servers as many others do. Your Magento data is sent directly to your Dynamics GP and vice versa without any intermediate servers.

  • To connect to the Magento site and to call the services, the x2x eCommerce solution does not require the opening of any special ports. This ensures that your environment security is not compromised. All the data is communicated through an HTML port.

  • Enhanced security through multiple SQL. x2x eCommerce has an inbuilt feature that allows the Dynamics Great Plains (GP) server database and server from exposing to the net. This is done through the setting up of API on a different SQL Server instance independent of the SQL server instance on which Dynamics GP data resides.

  • The user interface provided by x2x eCommerce allows you to make the modification in the system yourself without seeking help from us for every small change. You do not give access to the outsiders to your system to manage the application through the backend

Security of Dynamics GP Magento Integrat

Benefits of Integrating Magento with Dynamics GP:

  • Both the platforms are synced seamlessly.

  • The integration requires only a minimum training.

  • Avoid costly errors as a result of faulty data entry.

  • Reduce deployment time using our integration solution.

  • Add connections anytime, anywhere.

  • Free up time and resources to focus on your customers and business growth.

  • Eradication of order processing errors.

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"We are very happy that we have automated our processes using x2x e-commerce, it has resulted in significant time savings for us as there is not a need to invoice online orders received. With the integration into GP, we have eliminated the need for staff to enter orders as they now go directly in our system. Being in an essentially live environment makes for improved accuracy and labour savings."

Terri L , Amos Pewter

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Read more about eCommerce integration features and Cases on how x2x eCommerce has benefited customers across the region.
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