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Preventing data inconsistency with x2x RMH-Woo Integration

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Business processes are all about data. Accurate data ensures efficient business management where every stakeholder's expectations and demands are met. In the world of business where each process is linked to many others, inaccurate data elements mean many subsequent processing inaccuracies following any data error which can even multiply tremendously in many scenarios as well. 

Many businesses incur great losses every year owing to data errors and the inefficiency that follows with it. However, it doesn't stop here. Losses are not the only thing that matters to business. Its credibility and reputation could also be at stake due to such mishaps. The wrong customer data could result in delivering to the wrong address or charging the wrong amount. Thus, the a need for a strong data structure for any business to achieve effective operations. And if your business is utilizing multiple solutions such need is even more enhanced owing to the challenges involved in sharing data between disparate solutions. 

This article will discuss how the x2xeCommerce RMH Woo integration solution prevents data inconsistency and allows for a clean synchronization between the two disparate solutions helping you achieve an efficient unified business management system.

What is the x2xeCommerce RMH-Woo Integration solution?

The x2xeCommerce RMH-Woo Integration solution is an integration solution developed by the x2xeCommerce to bridge RMH and WooCommerce platforms enabling efficient management of product inventory and orders between the two solutions and helping the user manage their hybrid retail business in a unified manner. Furthermore, the x2xeCommerce solution offers customizable features allowing the user to have the solution tailored to their specific needs and ensure all their requirements are met.

The solutions come in two modules: The Product Management Portal which is responsible for managing and synchronizing product data between the two solutions and the Order Manager which handles WooCommerce orders by downloading them from the WooCommerce and making them available for processing in the RMH POS.

Importance of accurate data 

Any business would verify the importance of accurate data. Running a business involves making multiple decisions on day to day basis and these decisions can significantly decide the fate of your business. If your data is not correct then you'll be making wrong decisions no matter how good your decision-making skills are. Consider what happens if your inventory information is not correct and you miss making restocking orders with your suppliers: you can lose significant revenue due to missed sales due to out-of-stock items. Similarly, if your sales data is not correct then you would not be able to accurately forecast your sales and understand important sales trends hampering your sales potential. 

How the x2xeCommerce RMH Woocommerce ensure data accuracy

The x2xeCommerce RMH Woocommerce integration solution ensures data consistency between the two solutions using API and user-defined mapping. With API the data is accurately transferred between the two solutions. Furthermore, the mapping functionality lets the user define how the shared values from RMH would translate to WooCommerce store providing them the flexibility to set up as per their requirements.

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Features ensuring data consistency 

The x2xeCommerce RMH Woocommerce integration solution is equipped with many useful features helping the user ensure data consistency.

Activity log

The activity log displays all the synchronization activities with their status allowing the user to verify the completion of their syncs. If any error occurs it'll be shown here along with the reason allowing the user to troubleshoot it. This will prevent any error and hence any data inconsistency from going unnoticed.


The scheduler enables frequent synchronization of data between the two solutions ensuring frequent updates for data consistency. You can set intervals for data to synchronize for different syncing operations depending on your needs.

Email notifications 

The solution also has email notification features that send notifications emails to the user allowing them to monitor and keep track of their integration operations remotely. With this feature, therefore, the user can ensure they'll be notified of any error as soon as it occurs even if they're away allowing them to rectify it immediately.

Syncing status

The item information dashboard of the solution also features some useful indicators that reflect the syncing status of those items. These include the web id and the inventory & price sync statuses. If a product row is showing a web id then that product is already in sync with the product of the same SKU on the webstore. Otherwise, the product would not be in sync. Similarly, the product prices and inventory sync status show whether the inventory and prices on the two systems are synced at the moment.

Locking Feature

While the purpose of an integration solution is to ensure data consistency between the solutions the locking feature does the opposite. Sometimes owing to the different nature of the two platforms and the requirements that pertain to them, different product info is required on each of them. The x2xeCommerce integration solution caters to such demands as well by allowing an item to be locked. When an item is locked any changes made on RMH aren't reflected on the WooCommerce site allowing the user to maintain different information on the same product on the two platforms.


Data accuracy and consistency are strongly needed as part of successful business operations. And when you go for multiple solutions utilization the need for this gets enhanced further. With the x2xeCommerce RMH-Woo Integration solution you can ensure complete data syncing with peace of mind that your solutions are synchronized with each other. Implement this solution by the x2xeCommerce today and you can also achieve such a level of effectiveness with your business systems. And if you’re using some other solution, the x2xeCommerce can integrate them as well. With expertise in the domains of ERP, POS, eCommerce, and accounting solutions x2xeCommerce can help you ensure a synchronized business system in whichever of these domains you utilize. An example of another integration solution by the x2xeCommerce includes the x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution. Reach out to the x2x team for any query or a free demo. 



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