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NetSuite Integration
Retail Management Hero integration RMHPOS

Forget the pains of web based POS solution
Process the transactions at lightning speed using RMH

Update the data in NetSuite in seconds!

Benefits of using NetSuite and Retail Management Hero

Benefits of x2x
Retail Management Hero (RMH) NetSuite

1.    Do not get held up on shared environment

Remove the problems of load balancing due to frequent request from POS to web based ERP like NetSuite.

2.    Provide local access

The item, customer, price and inventory data is available locally to quickly process customer transactions.


3.     Real time checking of available inventory and customer balances

During the transaction process on RMH POS, the customer balances and the available quantities are checked to ensure accuracy.

4.    Multiple Integration Points

Update the products, customers inventory data on a set frequency from NetSuite to RMH.

5.    Live Sales Integration

As soon as the transaction is completed in RMH, a background process initiates to create the sales transaction in NetSuite within minutes.

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