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Boost your brand, enhance customer experience, and drive sales with our combined solution offering eCommerce site and RMH integration all in one package.

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Expand your retail business effortlessly with our bespoke website development and RMH integration services. At x2x eCommerce, we are committed to transforming your retail operations by connecting your in-store POS with a fully functional, custom-designed online storefront.

Unlock Seamless Retail Harmony with Our eCommerce & RMH Integration Bundle Solution!

All in one package for RMH-eCommerce

Premium Multipurpose


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Effortless Data Synchronization

Automate data input, ensuring seamless flow of inventory, customer details, and orders between your online store and RMH point-of-sale for accuracy and efficiency across channels.


Streamlined Operations

Manage your entire business from one centralized platform. Add products, update prices, fulfill orders, and track sales – all in one convenient location, boosting productivity and saving valuable time.


Unified Customer Experience

Provide a seamless shopping journey, whether customers buy online, pick up in-store, or vice versa. This omnichannel approach fosters customer loyalty and drives repeat business.


Enhanced Inventory Management

Gain real-time inventory visibility across all channels. Avoid overselling and stockouts, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

The Power of x2x and RMH Integration

Our solution goes beyond open-source freedom. It leverages the seamless integration of x2x eCommerce and your existing Retail Management Hero (RMH) system, unlocking enhanced efficiency and a unified omnichannel experience.


Tired of Feeling Stuck in Your Brick-and-Mortar Bubble?

Break free and explode your growth with x2x eCommerce, the fully integrated RMH online store solution!

Sell Everywhere

Open your doors to millions online with a stunning, mobile-friendly store accessible on any device.

Effortless Management

Run your entire business from one platform. Add products, track sales, manage orders, and delight customers – all in one place.

Seamless RMH Integration

Say goodbye to data entry hell! Inventory, customers, and orders sync flawlessly, saving you time and minimizing errors.

Marketing Magic

Attract new customers with powerful tools and sell on popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.


Combine RMH's powerful POS with x2x eCommerce's advanced online platform for a seamless omnichannel experience that drives customer loyalty.

Modernize your business

Give your RMH a powerful online boost with a modern, mobile-friendly store that reflects your brand.

Expand your reach

Sell everywhere your customers are and tap into entirely new markets you never thought possible.


Eliminate manual data entry, streamline operations, and free up your time to focus on what matters most – growing your business!

Scalability and security

Briefly touch on the platform's ability to handle growing businesses and ensure secure transactions and data protection.

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Why you should migrate from a closed-source eCommerce solution to an x2x fully integrated with RMH WooCommerce open-source eCommerce solution?

Feeling constrained by your current closed-source eCommerce platform? Growth might seem stifled by inflexible features, limited customization, and recurring costs. It's time to consider a solution that empowers agility, fosters innovation, and drives sustainable success: the x2x and RMH WooCommerce open-source eCommerce solution.

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Experience the Open-Source Advantage:​

Unparalleled Customization

Tailor your online store to match your brand perfectly. Adjust functionalities, integrate tools, and add unique features with x2x RMH Woo eCommerce solution.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Avoid recurring fees and unpredictable upgrades. Own your code, control your budget, and scale your business effortlessly with x2x.

Enhanced Security and Transparency

Enjoy peace of mind with continuous security updates and vulnerability identification from a global developer community.

Innovation at Your Fingertips

Access a wealth of cutting-edge plugins and integrations, ensuring your store stays ahead of the competition.

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The All-Encompassing RMH Webstore Solution

Empower your retail business with a fully integrated, high-performance eCommerce platform, seamlessly connected to your existing Retail Management Hero (RMH) system. The x2x eCommerce All-Inclusive RMH Webstore Bundle delivers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and unlock significant growth potential.

What's Included?


Responsive Storefront

Deliver a frictionless shopping experience across all devices, ensuring your brand is accessible and engaging for today's omnichannel shoppers.


SEO Optimization & Reporting

Boost your online presence with built-in SEO tools & insightful reports. Get easy SEO wins, understand your audience, and track success - all in one place.


Integrated Payment Processing and Shipping

Accept a wide range of popular payment methods and offer various shipping options through pre-integrated solutions, streamlining transactions and checkout processes for your customers.


Seamless RMH Integration

Eliminate Ditch data chaos! Connect your online store and RMH POS for automatic inventory, customer, and order updates. It's accuracy and efficiency on autopilot.


Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omnichannel shopping! Pickup in-store, buy online ship to store, or ship from store for ultimate convenience and happy customers.


Corporate Branding & Customization

Showcase your unique brand identity with a fully customizable store tailored to your specific color palettes, themes, and logos.

Flexible Pricing Options

Choose What Fits Your Needs



  • Streamlined Online Store Setup from selected templates

  • Seamless Integration with RMH POS System

  • Customizable Product Listings

  • Real-Time Inventory Sync

  • Real-Time Price Sync

  • 24/7 Support​


$ 295 /month

Most popular  



  • Streamlined Online Store Setup from selected templates

  • Seamless Integration with RMH POS System

  • Customizable Product Listings

  • Real-Time Inventory Sync

  • Real-Time Price Sync

  • 24/7 Support​


$ 395 /month



  • Streamlined Online Store Setup from selected templates

  • Seamless Integration with RMH POS System

  • Customizable Product Listings

  • Real-Time Inventory Sync

  • Real-Time Price Sync

  • 24/7 Support​


$ 495 /month


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"Accsoft has provided MS RMS cradle to grave support for our systems since 2006 for our Warehouse Headquarters and 4 stores. They have been instrumental in hardware, software acquisition, installation and service maintenance since then. When we needed to move from an archaic web site Accsoft provided the integration package from MS RMS to Shopify saving significant time and money."

Peter Barker, CEO , Distinctly Tea Inc.

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