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How to get more buyers engaged with your webstore products

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The objective of any business is the same: to attract more customers to their products and garner increased sales for greater profitability. For this reason, businesses adopt various approaches and tactics that serve to attract more customers by providing features that enhance the customer experience. While the e-commerce domain offers many great features, one aspect it lacks is significant product interaction by customers. This lack of interaction creates a resistance to purchasing and is one reason many people still hesitate to buy products online. Thus, increasing the sales of your product online means finding and implementing ways to engage more people with your website’s products and reducing this barrier to online shopping.

However, the question of how to engage more people with your webstore confounds many. We see new and interesting methods emerging now and then to increase customer attention by making the elements of your webstore more engaging and interesting for customers. This article will discuss some ways in which you can ensure more engaging buyers for your webstore, not just to increase your profitability but also to enhance the customer experience.

Get buyers engaged with social media

Social media hold great societal impact and intelligent business knows this. That’s why they try to utilize its power to their advantage as much as they can. According to one source about staggering 38% of the daily online time is spent on social media sites. This presents a great answer for businesses to attract potential customer to their webstores. Therefore, a vital step that you can take to improve customer engagement is to leverage the popularity of social media among netizens. Some of the ways include:

Social media posts

Social posts are one great way of reaching more and more people organically. Built your audience by building pages on popular social media sites and publish interesting posts related to your business and products with links to your webstore. This can significantly increase the traffic to your site. A good idea when posting on social media sites is to use keywords and hashtags relevant to your products: the reliance on social validity has increased much with social media sites and people like to search products on these sites when making a buying decision. The presence of your business and products posted on these sites will enhance the credibility of your business and build the confidence of customers in your products.

Social media advertisement

Since social media has people from all demographics it’s a great place to seek and advertise products to people interested in your products. The intuitive interface of these social media sites makes it easier for potential customers to interact with your ads and even purchase your products without leaving the platform. Furthermore, they can instantly jump to your social media page or webstore upon discovering it through your ads and engage with your business instantly. This ability to respond immediately after seeing ads enhances the conversion rate by significantly increasing customer engagement.

Public image and social credibility 

Social media platforms also serve as great platforms for communicating the credibility of your business and people take it very seriously. Since people like sharing their experiences on social sites, these platforms reflect the consensus that people hold about your business: if there is any shortcoming in your business that would be reflected in the form of bad reviews and experience by dissatisfied customers. On the other hand, happy customers would be seen recommending the products and showing their excitement about your products. Your responses to these customers' complaints and feedback can increase the engagement of your customers with your business by providing them with effective platforms to discuss their concerns and experiences about your business with each other and you. Therefore, a good social media strategy that holds for businesses is to interact with their customers on these platforms by replying to their concerns and feedback helping you build a community.

Making an engaging webstore

Engaging customers online simply means providing them with more means to interact with you. Your eCommerce site should then include more engaging elements for customers to interact with. Some of the ways you can make your webstore more engaging involve:

Instant customer support

With instant customer support, you can motivate more customers to interact with you and inquire about your products. As a natural tendency buyers feel hesitant when purchasing products, especially if it's their first time shopping with you: they have many questions and concerns that should be clarified before they’re confident about buying from you. With instant customer support options such as a chatbot or helpline number your customers can contact you easily and get their answer clearing any doubts or questions they might have. This engagement can then easily translate into a conversion.

Interactive product display

How you display your products online also plays an important part in driving engagement from your customers. Consider including elements that’ll make the customers engage more with your business. For example,

  • Include review options: this will allow customers to share their experiences about your product and provide your webstore visitor with an additional element to engage with your products

  • Include videos & pictures: Pictures can say a thousand words. Try including interesting pictures and videos of your products demonstrating them in different use cases and scenarios. Good pictures and videos will make people spend more time on your product pages.

  • Dynamic product pages: Consider making your product pages more dynamic and responsive by including interacting graphical features that respond to different human inputs.

Build your community

Build a community on your webstore that motivates people to keep visiting your webstore regularly with elements such as forums, blogs, and informative & interesting content that pertains to your products. This will also improve the SEO ranking of your site and bring more visitors organically.


Building a webstore is a diligent job where many things must be taken into consideration for a successful business journey. The eCommerce competition is increasing day-by-day putting more burden on these eCommerce businesses to make themselves stand out. One way this can be done is by making your presence more engaging for customers. With engaging content, you can easily grab the attention of your desired customers and increase your sales in an attention deficit world of the internet.

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