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x2x Dynamics 365 BC Magento

Dynamics 365 Business Central to Magento
Integration - Integrate eCommerce with ERP Solution

Dynamics GP Magento Dashboard Integratio

x2x eCommerce Dynamics 365 BC - Magento integration enables organizations to use their ERP solution to manage their eCommerce site. The solution works from inside of Dynamics 365 BC to create a

bi-directional integration with the Magento eCommerce.

Why x2x eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Magento Integration ?

The Dynamics 365 BC - Magento integration by x2x eCommerce provides organizations the tool to manage their Magento eCommerce site in a hassle-free manner. Integrating Dynamics 365 BC and Magento Integration enables organizations to take full advantage of the capabilities and flexibility of Magento as their site will now be managed by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The solution works from the inside of Dynamics 365 BC to create a bi-directional integration with the Magento site.

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Features of Magento with Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration :


  • Manages Magento store and BC company

  • Link each Magento store with a different BC company

  • Map Magento Inventory Items with BC Items

  • Map Magento Payment methods with BC payment methods 

  • Map Magento Shipping methods with BC shipping methods

  • Map Magento Tax details with BC Tax Details 

  • Download Magento Orders to BC with shipping, tax, and payment information

  • B2C Customer creation - create a customer or use a generic customer B2B

  • Customer creation - create a customer on Magento from BC

  • Item information update (inventory, Price, item attributes) Customer Specific Pricing - display the prices based on the price groups assigned to customers

  • Job Scheduler – allow you to schedule the upload/download frequency

  • Activity Logs – Complete log of successful /failures in data communications

System Integration of GP Magento
Product Catalog of GP Magento


  • Manage Magento Menu using product categories in BC

  • Create unlimited categories and sub-categories

  • Create parent/child relationship between categories

  • Enable/Disable categories 

  • Easy to add, edit and delete

  • Import/Export from excel to update categorie


  • “Upload Items” conveniently upload the items to Magento

  • Update prices and sales prices

  • Define the product type, visibility, and download attribute set

  • Create Parent items and linked with child items

  • Parent Item table available in configuration packages

  • Import/Export of items from excel available in x2x Magento Actions

Item Upload of GP Magento


  • The export/Import Items utility allows updating information in bulk within BC

  • Export/Import product categories/sub-categories

  • Assign items to a category or sub-category

Import Export of GP Magento
B2B Customer Integration of GP Magento


  • Mark a BC customer as a web store to upload the customer to Magento

  • Upload customer-specific price levels to Magento


  • Option to create Magento B2C customers in BC (walk-in& logged customers)

  • Use the template to create customers in BC

  • Allow selection of BC Number Series for the Customer creation

B2C Customer Integration of GP Magento
Order Entry Process of GP Magento