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RMH to Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration | ERP POS Solutions

x2x Retail Management Hero Central – RMHC to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) Integration solution is a powerful and effective tool developed to integrate the RMH to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC to achieve seamless business processes.

RMH Dynamic 365 BC Laptop

Why x2x eCommerce for RMH to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC (ERP/POS) Integration?

While POS, as well as ERP solutions both, have Customers, Items, Vendors, and other information which are common to both systems, there are still some entities and functions which are unique to both the programs.

Other functions are unique to both programs. ERP has functionalities that do not exist in eCommerce and vice versa.

x2x eCommerce mitigates this gap by adding features to ERP And eCommerce solutions to make the two-system compatible with each other. This enhances compatibility allows a high level of integration between the two systems.

Product Scope Background


x2x eCommerce Enterprise/Retail solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and RMH integrates the Master data like Items, Item Prices, Vendors, Customers, and other entities. The solution not only incorporates but automates the business processes. This bi-directional integration updates the sales, collection, purchase, and inventory transfer between the two systems. This results in significant time and effort saving and also prevents potential risks of human errors by minimizing human interaction.

RMH 365 BC Product Scope



  • Automates the business tasks by creating two-way integration.

  • Automatically integrates the data between the RMH Central BC.

  • Uses the power and capabilities of RMHC to integrate with BC.

  • Connect Business Central with multiple RMH stores with a single BC company.

  • Sync list Business Central Master data with RMH (Customers, Items, Vendor, Pricing).

  • Map Business Central dynamics location with RMH stores to maintain store-wise data.

  • Scheduler to auto initiates bi-directional data insert and update.

  • Multi-currency enabled with different currencies in RMH and BC.

  • Activity log to provide full tracking of data transfer.

  • Auto Post Enabled for Business Central Sales, Sales Collection; and Purchase Receipt.

  • Embedded email to send notifications to the Administrator/User of Product Business Central.

RMH BC System Integration
modules included


  • Sales Management.

  • Purchase Management.

  • Item Management.

  • Inventory Management.

  • Price Management.

  • Customer Management.

  • Vendor Management.

  • Multi-Currency Management.


  • Create Sales Business Central Invoices from RMH Batches in Dynamics 365 BC using the Dynamics 365 BC location mapped to the RMH stores.

  • Combine all sales to walk-in customers in a batch to create an item-wise and tender-wise consolidated invoice in Dynamics 365 BC ERP Cloud.

  • Create individual item-wise invoices for sales to Credit Customers.

  • Combine or create individual invoices for the sales to named customers in a batch to create item-wise and tender-wise consolidated or individual invoice(s) in Dynamics 365 BC ERP Cloud.

  • Create individual item-wise and tender-wise sales returns in 365 BC ERP Cloud.

  • Create Cash receipts in Dynamics 365 BC for payment receipts from credit customers in RMH.

  • Apply payments received from customers to invoices in 365 BC based on the application of payment against invoices in RMH.

  • Create a Sales Synchronization Job in Dynamics 365 Business Central Enterprise Solution.

sales management
Purchase Management


  • Create Purchase Receipts from RMH in Dynamics BC using the Dynamics BC location mapped to the RMH stores.

  • Define Default Vendor for PO Receipts without a Vendor ID.


  • Download all Dynamics BC items to RMH Central.

  • Auto-create and approve worksheets 251 and 261 to initiate the data transfer of items downloaded from BC to the stores.

  • Only items are assigned to an RMH store based on the mapping.

  • Option to update or not to update the cost of the store costs.

item management
Price Management


  • Capable of integrating both the Global and Customer Group Pricing in BC to RMH.

  • Allow mapping of MSRP, Price, Price A, Price B; and Price C with different customer price groups in BC ERP Cloud.

  • Uses Base Unit of Measure (UOM) in BC as the UOM for RMH.

  • Currently, the same prices can be used at all locations. The ability to allow different prices for the different stores will come in a future release.

  • Allow option to download Global Prices in RMHC.


  • Download enabled BC customers in RMH POS.

  • Information downloaded from BC includes customer name and address information and business central customer credit limits.

  • Only Customers modified from the last sync are updated from BC to RMH POS.

  • Create customers in Dynamics BC from customers created in RMH at the time of creating sales transactions.

customer management
vendor management


  • Create Vendors from BC to RMHC.

  • Auto-populate the Vendors at the store.

  • Auto-create BC vendors assigned to the inventory items in RMH POS.


  • Create Transfer Out/In in RMH from BC inventory transfer
    between sites.

  • Create transfer between sites in BC from RMH inventory transfer.

  • Create PO Planner in RMH from BC inventory transfer between
    sites when transferring location does not exist in RMH.

  • Dynamics BC assigns the cost to inventory transfers.

  • Inventory transfer from BC can be e optionally routed through the
    transit site.

  • Create direct Inventory transfer between locations when
    originating from RMH.

inventory management
multi currency management


  • Option to use different currencies in RMH and BC.

  • Transactions are converted to BC currency based on the applicable
    rate for that date.

  • Rounding due to currency conversion in sales invoices is handled
    through adjustment items.

  • Rounding due to currency conversion in sales returns is handled
    through a hybrid of adjustment item and discount/misc. fields.


  • Each store is mapped with an inventory location/Site) in BC.

  • RMH Price Levels mapped with BC Customer Price Groups.

  • Salespersons in RMH are mapped with Salespersons in BC.

  • Tender Types in RMH are mapped with Cash Receipts Journal BC.

  • Taxes in RMH are mapped with Taxes GL Accounts in BC.

  • Item taxes in RMH mapped to Taxes in Dynamics BC.

  • Map Individual items fields in RMH with fields in Dynamics BC.

  • Map Charges in RMH to non-inventory items in Dynamics BC.

Scheduler of RMH BC


Schedules frequency can be set up in hours or minutes:

  1. Download Items and Prices.

  2. Download Vendors.

  3. Download Customers.

  4. Upload Sales, Sales Returns, and Customer Payments.

  5. Inventory transfer – BC to RMH POS.

  6. Inventory transfer – RMH POS to BC.

  7. Upload Purchase Inventory Receipts.


Create inventory adjustment in 365 BC ERP Cloud for:

  • Update Master Inventory.

  • Transfer inventory to Offline Inventory.

  • Inventory adjustment.

inventory adjustment
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Benefits of RMH to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC (ERP/POS) Integration

  • Bi-Directional, fully automated, powerful sync between two systems.

  • Easy to Quick to implement.

  • Business Process automation

  • Eliminate losses due to manual data entry errors and omissions

  • Reduces effort and operational time

  • User friendly and require minimum training.


"Accsoft has provided MS RMS cradle to grave support for our systems since 2006 for our Warehouse Headquarters and 4 stores. They have been instrumental in hardware, software acquisition, installation and service maintenance since then. When we needed to move from an archaic web site Accsoft provided the integration package from MS RMS to Shopify saving significant time and money."

Peter Barker, CEO , Distinctly Tea Inc.

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