9 Steps to Prepare Your WooCommerce Store for the Holidays

Retail sales are astronomical each time the holiday season comes around, in spite of everything else going on around the globe. If you're not ready for the incoming storm with customers, a surge who temporarily increase your profit can result in some headaches. The absence of deadlines for shipping, backlogs in inventory and a lack of staff to handle chats, emails, and calls can cause holiday shoppers to be unhappy. Get rid of these problems by organizing your WooCommerce store prior to the Christmas season. Follow the steps below to begin.

1. Prepare your staff

Get your staff trained, up to speed and stock up for the busy holiday season.

  • Make sure you have enough staff by hiring seasonal employees to assist with increases in customer demand or sales.

  • Learn to be more efficient by teaching employees about product sales, details delivery deadlines, discount offers during the holidays. Think about cross-training your staff in advance so that you can quickly shift resources when demand is high.

  • Make sure you have cafe beverages in your break room, festive snacks to keep you happy during the busy hours and the supplies that employees require to perform their duties. If everyone is working remotely, think about gift cards for this.

It's normal for employees to take advantage of holidays and spend time with their family or have a relaxing time with family or friends also. Make sure that your schedules are checked to ensure shifts are covered and important work is covered when people leave and come back.

2. Review your returns policy

Think about whether your exchange or return deadlines are suitable in light of the holiday season. If someone places an order early to avoid the rush of shipping, they may require more time than usual for exchanges in the event that the gift doesn't meet the criteria.

Check that you have a return procedure that is specific about what items can be returned under which conditions. So that gift recipients don't get unpleasant surprises in the event of issues during the Christmas season.