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Types of integration solutions offered by x2xeCommerce

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The nature of human dynamics is becoming more complex with the incorporation of various domains and tools into our lives. While the ultimate purpose of these is to facilitate ourselves with means to achieve our increasing demands they introduce their own needs that must be taken care of to realize the desired system effectively. Entering new domains means that each will be managed using solutions designed for them. However, since all these solutions constitute the larger management system utilizing the same data elements the need to link these solutions together is critical. Without any communication or interaction between them, they’ll be operating in silos, and ensuring consistency between them could not only become cumbersome but would also create management inefficiency.

To accomplish the need to attain system consistency arising from the utilization of disparate solutions by the same organization integration solutions are needed, acting as a communication bridge and synchronizing these solutions to bring a unified business management system. The x2xeCommerce is an expert in providing these integration solutions for popular solutions in various domains. This article will discuss the areas and types of integration solutions offered by x2xeCommerce.

ERP-POS integration solutions offered by the x2xeCommerce 

These types of integration solutions are designed to meet the demands of retailers that are using ERPs alongside POS systems to manage their businesses. These solutions facilitate the user by syncing transactions recorded on the POS system with their ERPs enabling them to efficiently and autonomously make relevant changes in the ERPs associated with each transaction made on the POS terminal. Furthermore, any important changes made to the ERP such as inventory updates are reflected in the POS system. Some other features of these solutions include 

Product management

Create ERP products in POS and sell them directly to your Point-of-Sales customers. Any inventory changes and sales transactions for these items are then linked to the respective items in ERP.

Price management

Enable you to set the price for the POS from the ERP. With this feature, you can set unique pricing for the POS customer and have that recorded in the ERP system as POS transactions are saved in ERP.

Customer & Vendor management

Create and manage ERP customers and vendors in your POS system allowing you to offer customers an omni-channel shopping experience.

Inventory management 

Synchronize the inventory transfers between locations in POS and ERP.

ERP-eCommerce integration solutions offered by the x2xeCommerce 

The x2xeCommerce also provides integration solutions for eCommerce businesses enabling them to integrate their eCommerce platforms with other business platforms. One set of such solutions offered by the x2x includes the ERP-eCommerce integration solutions. These solutions allow eCommerce businesses to leverage the power of ERPs for their eCommerce operations by linking eCommerce transactions & processing them in ERPs and uploading items, customers & vendors from ERP to eCommerce platforms. Such solutions are also useful for multi-channel businesses that need to consolidate their transactions from all sources including eCommerce into their ERP system. This bi-directional synchronization enables seamless operations and enhances productivity by preventing double-entry, reducing errors and burden on the workforce. Furthermore, with all the eCommerce transactional data available in the ERP the user can utilize the ERP functionalities to aid in management operations such as generating reports and maintaining charts of accounts.

RMH-eCommerce integration solutions offered by the x2xeCommerce

The internet has changed our lifestyles in many ways; from communication to shopping and how we work each domain of life has seen tremendous ways things are done. In the world of shopping, digital space has gained significant popularity made possible by increasing internet access and the facilities this mode of shopping provides. Therefore, to avail this part of the market many vendors have established an online presence along with their traditional physical store and thus entered into a hybrid retail model. The x2xeCommerce provides integration solutions for such businesses that use the RMH POS system by providing a range of integration solutions that integrate RMH with various popular eCommerce platforms. An example of such a solution is the x2x RMH-Shopify integration solution.

With the RMH-eCommerce integration solution, therefore, a business can provide an omnichannel shopping experience to its customers and meet the expectations that align with today's standards. This is a comprehensive solution providing much-needed synchronization facilities to its users:

  1. Product upload from RMH to eCommerce platform

  2. Category upload from RMH to eCommerce platform

  3. Inventory & price upload from RMH to eCommerce platform

  4. Order downloading from the eCommerce platform and processing in RMH.

  5. Order fulfillment and invoice upload to the eCommerce platform.

a screenshot of the x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution

RMH Pick & Scan App by x2xeCommerce

The RMH Pick & Scan App gives mobility to its users by leveraging the Android mobile platforms connected to the RMH database. This allows the user to sell remotely without carrying bulky POS equipment. Utilizing this solution helps users reduce checkout times and achieve real-time inventory updates where remote selling is involved. 


If you’re a modern business chances are you’re using multiple disparate solutions for your management operations. However, establishing consistency among them could be a cumbersome process limiting you from fully realizing the true potential of your business. The x2xeCommerce can help you achieve this potential and enhance your productivity with its integration solutions. The wide range of solutions offered by x2xeCommerce is customizable, which means that your specific requirements can be catered to and are easily implemented within a short time frame. Furthermore, the intuitive interface and the native environment utilized by most of these integration solutions present an easy learning curve for easy adoption. 

If you’re looking for an integration solution for any of the domains discussed above then the x2xeCommerce team can help you establish a unified business management environment and make you reach new heights for your business. Reach out to the x2x team for any query or a free demo. 



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