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x2x All in One Integrations

x2x eCommerce offers both accounting and ecommerce integrations for your business. By implementing our services, you will be able to manage your business more effectively than before. The integration solutions offered by x2x eCommerce are much easier and quicker to implement when compared to other similar integrations.

Your employees will need minimum training as x2x eCommerce uses an easy-to-use interface in the integrations. You can leave the automation of your daily processes to x2x eCommerce, and focus on increasing your company’s profit.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Solutions

x2x eCommerce assists organizations to integrate their ERP & POS with its suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration solutions. Our ecommerce integration services offer best in class ecommerce software integrations for your organization, may it be a small business or a large enterprise. Our ecommerce services are stable, consistent, and affordable. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers various ERP and CRM applications for organizations that wish to manage their data in a much more organized and efficient way.


By integrating two software, you are taking a step ahead of your competitors, as you will have advanced reporting systems in place to inform you about your business performance. Microsoft’s Business Central is an ERP system for small and medium sized businesses which helps in automating and streamlining the business processes and also helps in managing the business.

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x2x eCommerce Integrations Services

ERP & POS integrations of best in their domain software like, RMH, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, QuickBooks, and NetSuite. Have a look at our suite of integrations and feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of these.

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Retail Management Hero
Magneto Integration with Dynamics GP
Shopify Integration with Dynamics GP
Netsuite Integration with Retail Management Hero
Lot Number Integration in Retail Management Hero
woo-commerce Integration with Retail Management Hero (RMH)
Dynamics 365 BC Integration with Magento eCommerce
Dynamics GP Integration with Magento eCommerce
Dynamics 365 BC Integration with Shopify Store
Dynamics GP Integration with Shopify Store
Retail Management Hero (RMH) Integration with Magento eCommerce
Retail Management Hero (RMH) Integration with Shopify Store (RMS)
Retail Management Hero (RMH) Integration with Dynamics GP (ERP)

Why eCommerce Integration

While using two ecommerce platforms simultaneously,ecommerce software integration is the best option availableas it allows thesoftware to workwith minimal disruption.If your aim isto reduceecommerce operational cost while increasing your ecommerce business, then you must definitely integrate your ecommerce platforms, i.e., ERP & POS. Integrating software also increases your employees’ overall productivity as they now have a user-friendly platform to work on.


The time spent on several redundant tasks are also reduced significantly by data integration. Using ecommerce integrations ensures that there are no errors or duplicate data, as all the tasks are being performed automatically rather than manually. You need not worry about your data being lost or stolen, as the integrations are fully secure and protect your data from any harm.

Why eCommerce Integration
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Integrate Your ERP & POS

Today, every retail store has a POS system in place which helps them calculate their daily to monthly revenue and income. Though a POS system can help inform you what you are earning, it still fails to give you a larger picture in terms of forecasting, inventory, and supply management. This is where an ERP and POS integration comes in. The ERP system helps the organization to generate more detailed reports using its advanced features. When you combine this with the data from your POS system, you are provided with a feature loaded integration solution which generates real time reports of your sales, orders, and customers.


The integration allows you to automate and sync business processes and data such as orders, customer details, vendors, products, inventory, and more between your ERP & POS systems. The best part of any integration is that it combines the strengths of both the entities. This also applies here, as the combines the scalability and intelligence of the ERP system with the flexibility and features of the POS system, driving growth, operational efficiency, and customer experience.

Let us take a look at few of the other benefits provided by an ERP & POS integration:

  • Real time data synchronization

  • Better inventory management

  • Improvedcustomer satisfaction

  • Reduced labour&operational cost

  • Reduced returns and refunds

  • Increased sales and profits

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Why x2x eCommerce

x2x eCommerce’s ecommerce integration service integrates with top of the line ERP and POS solutions to a provide a hassle-free management of your ecommerce business. The integration solutions offered by x2x eCommerce are much easier and quicker to implement when compared to other similar integrations. Your employees will need minimum training as x2x eCommerce uses an easy to use interface in the integrations.


x2x also provides APIs that work as an extensible platform to integrate with the various ecommerce solutions. These APIs are also helpful to your developers as they can use it to create customizations according to your needs. Of course, our developers are always there to help you, so if you do not have your own developers, no need to worry. x2x eCommerce offers a wide range of integrations, such as, Dynamics 365 BC – Magento, Dynamics 365 BC – Shopify, RMH – Magento, RMH – Shopify, etc.

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Benefits of x2x eCommerce Integrations

Integrations between ERP & POS systems open up capabilities on both sides of the operations, including inventory management and better decision making capabilities, and the customer interaction side, such as online shopping, and more sophisticated accounting and management of discounts and coupons. x2x eCommerce integrations enables a brick and mortar store to integrate their entire inventory with online channels and manage it with ease. Our ecommerce integration of an ERP system with a POS system unifies in-store and online operations.

Supports Microsoft Dynamics GP, 365 BC, RMS / RMH & Netsuite

Supports Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365, RMS, Retail Management Hero and Netsuite

Supports of eCommerce Platforms like as Magento, WooCommerce & Shopify etc.

Supports e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify

Warehouse Inventory Management Compatible Icon

Warehouse Management System compatible

Custom eCommerce Apps for Iphone & Android Feature of x2x

Custom ecommerce app for iPhone & Android

ERP / POS Integrated eCommerce x2x Service Benefits


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