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How to Provide Excellent Customer Service During Christmas Season?

Have you completed your customer service strategy to help customers this Christmas season? For store owners who own eCommerce, this is the busiest time of the year. The demands of clients over the next few months can be a challenge however, you shouldn't be forced to let the growth in business impact customers their experience.

Beginning with Black Friday and lasting until the beginning of the new year the quality of your customer service is the only measurement that can decide the fate of your holiday's success. The way you handle your relationships with your customers including pre-purchase inquiries to tracking returns and shipping -- will determine if the first-time buyer remains as a one-time buyer or develops into an ongoing customer.

What can you do to make people come back each year? Read on to discover some of the most effective methods to provide excellent customer service in the Christmas season.

Get your team trained

A team can only be as strong as the weakest member. This is why during the holidays everyone on your team should be prepared to address any questions that are asked of them and promptly.

If you've been there at the same location for six months, or for six days, everyone needs the same instruction to be sure that the procedures and information provided to customers are uniform.

Create clear roles

If you're part of only a few people there could be overlaps between roles. This may not be an issue during slow periods of the year however it could cause confusion and decrease efficiency when the team is very busy. It is important to identify the areas of responsibility, and ensure that customers get the right person to address their concerns.

Here are some ways to clarify the roles of each:

Write job descriptions for team members

In the outline, list each person's duties and responsibilities. Give the person a title that's appropriate for the role (e.g., Shipping and Returns Manager, Inventory Supervisor, etc.).

Make use of a training guide

If you're looking to hire new employees to help you celebrate the holidays or update your current personnel, a manual of training will help you keep everything in line. It doesn't have to be anything complicated, as a checklist of one page can make a huge difference.

Make or edit internal documentation

As you give customers access to FAQs, it is also important to offer your employees written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These should outline your company's policies as much as technical information and troubleshooting suggestions for the software and accounts your employees may require access to.

If you have documentation in place, this is the perfect opportunity to review it and update it. In the weeks prior to the Christmas season Spend time reviewing discount offers and product features returns policies, workflow procedures. Be aware of possible customer questions and prepare your team with current documents so that they can provide the right responses.

Send customers directly to appropriate team members

Make contact forms available on your site to guide users to the appropriate person according to their specific inquiry. In addition, listing the department's contact email addresses on a "Contact us" page can be helpful. Shipping questions? Do you have any questions? Josey. Pre-purchase questions? Have a question for Mark. Making sure customers are connected to the right person the first time will result in speedier service and more concentrated staff.

Employ temporary workers

What was your team's performance over the holiday season? If there were occasions when an extra hand might have worked beneficial think about hiring temporary employees this year.

In the midst of crazy holiday rushes or sales that have been successful seasonal workers can assist you ship orders in time and avoid delays on shipping. They also can assist you in gaining time to concentrate on your business in general.

A surge in sales isn't the only thing to be prepared for during the holiday season. People looking for the ideal gift will have plenty of requests and questions and you'll need to respond quickly.

Don't wait until you're buried in online queries to think about hiring additional help. Instead, begin looking prior to the holiday season being fully underway. That means you'll have enough time to get them up to speed and provide every customer with the excellent customer service they're entitled to.

Be prepared with comprehensive FAQs

While you'd love to be able to answer all questions of your clients, you don't have time (or the capacity) to do it. Instead, guide all customers to a FAQ page in order to get the most value from your time.

Are you unsure of what you should include in the FAQ on your page? Try these suggestions:

1. Social media: Use your social media accounts to conduct polls and ask your customers what they'd like to learn about your business.

2. Newsletters via email: Ask customers to contact you with any concerns they might have. Because they already frequent your store, they can give you information about things that existing customers may not be aware of.

3. Your customer service or sales team: ask your employees to note down any questions they are asked frequently. Make sure they keep a journal on their phones or at their desk to record more ideas whenever they think of them!

4. FAQ pages of your competitors: Check out what questions your competition is responding to via their FAQ pages, and determine if answering similar would be beneficial for your customers, too.

It is also advisable to take the time to update the descriptions of your products. In-depth product descriptions can provide answers to customer inquiries before they ever ask. Provide information regarding the item, its functions and how it can be used, and any other important details.

Tips for customer service:

Provide contact avenues

Offering customers, a variety of ways to reach them can help customers feel more secure when buying. They are aware that in the event of a problem if anything is wrong, they will be able to call a live person to seek help.

Make your contact info a prominent position on your site. Many webmasters create "Contact Us" pages that list the different ways customers are able to contact them. Or you can:

1. Include your customer service number at the top or at the bottom of your website.

2. Make use of a contact form found on the "Contact us" webpage or on the footer.

3. Using social media direct messaging services for answering all questions

4. Install an AI chatbot or an online chat widget.

One of the most efficient ways for customers to have answers to their questions is using chatbots, or live chats, as a widget. LiveChat is a widget that LiveChat extension allows shop owners the ability to track settings that allow them to view details of their carts during the chat. You can provide real-time support or urge them to make additional purchases in order to get the benefit of a discounted price as well as free shipping.

Reduce the time it takes to exchange or return items

Although your products are amazing as they may be, they're not suitable for all. There's nothing worse than a retailer that has shaky returns and exchanges policies, so ensure that your customers are able to access it easily.

Automate your return and exchange process by using the Extension for Returns and Warranty Requests. Instead of having to call directly with you, they can navigate the entire process of returning items from their account on the site.

Based on the type of products you offer You may decide to provide warranties for items, too. You can include and manage warranties on your dashboard. You can also specify the length of time that the warranty and return period will last. Informing customers in advance of the time they must return items will help to avoid miscommunications.

Inform customers about order status

Help customers understand where their goods are at the point of fulfillment. Customers often purchase products hoping that they will arrive on time and therefore regular updates are essential to set their fears at ease.

To begin, you could utilize an order status management system to send customers emails whenever an order's status purchase alters. If you operate an online store that sells customized guitars, you can include the status of engraving or staining. You can also send an email to let people know where the order is and if it's delivered.

Send Welcome emails

Don't overlook the importance of a welcome email for customers who are new to your business. While loyal customers might already be familiar with your 5-star service, the new buyers don't know what they can be expecting. Start off on the right foot by sending the welcome email and follow-up emails once the purchase has been made.

The MailPoet extension allows store owners to create eye-catching emails. You can quickly add the logo of your company, colors scheme, as well as relevant business information. It is also possible to personalize your messages based on the product, and schedule email notifications to be sent when the order is completed.

Cater to Christmas shoppers

When you are putting together your customer service strategy think about what can benefit them the most during this time of year. Think about these aspects:

Offer gift wrapping

For shoppers who are busy gift wrapping may be just the thing they're looking for to make it easier for them to manage their shopping for gifts this holiday season. WooCommerce Product Add-ons let you include gift wrapping as well as personalized notes as well as any other idea you think of. You can charge a percentage or flat charges for add-ons or give these to your customers free of charge.

Sell gift cards

There are some shoppers who might wish to buy gift cards for the most discerning members of their families. By using WooCommerce gift cards, shoppers have the ability to:

1. Make sure they schedule the gifts card deliveries.

2. Include a personal message.

3. Send multiple emails to different recipients.

4. Select a gift card style to match the occasion.

Create a gift guide for your readers.

In the event that you've customers signing to an email subscription, you can write and mail out an informational guide on gifts in the days prior to the holiday season. Share your guide to gifts on your blog and make it available via social media.

Take it to the next level

With all the outstanding customer service that you've delivered up to now, you may think there's not much else you can accomplish. However, don't end there. Make sure you go the extra mile to impress your customers and leave them with a lasting impression of your shop. If you own a boutique that offers handmade items, think about including an individual thank-you note with each purchase. You can also add an unexpected treat or card that offers an offer code to purchase more items in the future. Your customers will appreciate the product and feel appreciated as a client.

Are you prepared to face the Christmas rush?

Customer service is vital throughout the year not just during the holiday season. Yet, giving customers an experience, they will remember in the festive season is a method to ensure they return.

Your aim should be to have everyone leave your store feeling respected and valued. Therefore, take the time to plan. All hands-on deck, and give everyone the education they require to perform their jobs effectively. Don't be afraid of hiring temporary workers to spread the workload and also create the best FAQ page that will give your customers the information they'll need whenever they require these.

Keep the return process simple and make sure that every order comes with some extra sparkle to ensure that customers feel appreciated. In no time January will arrive. Make sure you give your customers the best service possible, then watch your organization prosper during the holiday season.

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