How to Provide Excellent Customer Service During Christmas Season?

Have you completed your customer service strategy to help customers this Christmas season? For store owners who own eCommerce, this is the busiest time of the year. The demands of clients over the next few months can be a challenge however, you shouldn't be forced to let the growth in business impact customers their experience.

Beginning with Black Friday and lasting until the beginning of the new year the quality of your customer service is the only measurement that can decide the fate of your holiday's success. The way you handle your relationships with your customers including pre-purchase inquiries to tracking returns and shipping -- will determine if the first-time buyer remains as a one-time buyer or develops into an ongoing customer.

What can you do to make people come back each year? Read on to discover some of the most effective methods to provide excellent customer service in the Christmas season.

Get your team trained

A team can only be as strong as the weakest member. This is why during the holidays everyone on your team should be prepared to address any questions that are asked of them and promptly.

If you've been there at the same location for six months, or for six days, everyone needs the same instruction to be sure that the procedures and information provided to customers are uniform.

Create clear roles

If you're part of only a few people there could be overlaps between roles. This may not be an issue during slow periods of the year however it could cause confusion and decrease efficiency when the team is very busy. It is important to identify the areas of responsibility, and ensure that customers get the right person to add