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E-commerce Integrations by x2x: More than just a usual connector

In our previous blogs, we have discussed that how quickly businesses are implementing Enterprise eCommerce platforms due to their enormous advantages. Also, we have observed that; ERP Integration with Enterprise eCommerce helps clients keep up with the pace of emerging market trends. But the available ‘connectors’ in the market do not provide a fully integrated solution. They made relationships with the common entities only. Usually, the connectors are just working as an extension of the eCommerce site, having no user interface. So, at times need developers to set certain parameters and made changes. In other scenarios, the client has been charged based on the number of transactions as the developer server is used for transactions forwarding.

eCommerce-ERP Integration by x2x

x2x eCommerce provides a complete solution and integrates the two systems by designing a new module inside the ERP. The integration is a two-dimensional solution between an eCommerce website like Shopify & Magento and Microsoft ERPs like Dynamics GP and 365 BC. Also, programming languages used for these solutions are the same i.e., Dexterity for Dynamics GP and AL for Dynamics 365 BC. Consequently, the interface of the provided module is like the respective ERP and it's easy to use. Moreover, no need to learn any additional software.

Our module allows the creation of new entities to provide additional features that are not already available in ERP but required for an eCommerce. For Example, Product Catalog/Categories, Parent/Main Items, Product-Variant Relationship, SEO information, etc. Moreover, the different parameters can also be set from the setup section as per requirement. Like default templates, Batch ID’s, Sales Order Number sequence, and much more…With x2x Mappings features, different ERP eCommerce entities can be mapped with an ERP object. For instance, region of taxes, payment gateways, shipping methods, customer price groups, and price levels, etc.

Prominent Characteristics of x2x ERP eCommerce integration:

  • Module Interface – Same as of respective ERP and user-friendly.

  • Setup Option - Configure the solution as per operational requirements.

  • Order Management – All order-related operations which include order downloading, fulfillment uploading, manages modification, and cancellation.

  • Payment Management - Charging customers on order or fulfillment.

  • Product Management - Update product-related information from ERP system to eCommerce.

  • Price Management – Update product prices, different sale prices/levels.

  • Inventory Management – Update inventory status to the eCommerce store.

  • Customer Management – Customer-related operations like Syncing B2B customers, creating B2C Customers, or the option to use guest customer template.

  • Operations Management – Option of performing tasks manually or through Scheduler or in Bulk.

  • Service Items handling

  • Tracking activities through log and mapping capabilities

  • Operations automation by Scheduling.

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