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Introducing x2x RMH-BC Integration Solution

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When you incorporate multiple touch points facilitating your business environment you invite many challenges along with it. While the complex business dynamics of today require the utilization of such business infrastructure, the added complexities of using multiple solutions present their own demands. One such necessity is to ensure transparency across all touch points and consistency among all the relevant business solutions in your use to help you attain a unified business management system. Thus, a need for the integration of these solutions. However, with various business solutions being utilized by any business and the requirements of each business differing it’s a diligent task to choose a suitable integration solution for your integration needs.

The x2xeCommerce has years of experience in providing integration solutions in the domain of ERP, eCommerce, POS, and accounting helping firms establish a business system that is well connected and synchronized to enable them to achieve the desired level of efficiency in their operations. This article presents a solution developed to integrate the two popular business solutions in use by many retail businesses, i.e., RMH and Business Central. The solution that will be discussed in this article is called the x2xeCommerce RMH-BC Integration solution.

About x2x RMH-BC integration solution 

The x2x RMH-BC integration solution developed by the x2xeCommerce team presents a comprehensive tools repository for users to achieve synchronization between the two solutions. While the RMH and Business Central do share some common characteristics this integration solution enables the business management team to fill the gap between the two solutions through seamless data synchronization. The solution is designed by a team of expert consultants with experience in these solutions' functionalities, ensuring seamless and comprehensive integration functionality.

Some of the main features of the solutions are:

Item management

All the Business Central items can be created in RMH Central with the relevant details and any future changes are reflected in the RMH Central. 

Sales management

In a retail environment, most of the sales are recorded using the POS solution. The sales recorded in the RMH POS along with any receivables can be uploaded to Business Central with the updation of inventory with each sales transaction.

Purchase management

The purchase management module ensures that any shipment received from the vendors in Business Central is updated in RMH. Thus, updating the inventory in RMH.

Price management

The integration solution is compatible with both the standard and group pricing of Business Central providing the user the flexibility in pricing their POS customers in ways that also align with their pricing strategy on Business Central.

Customer & vendor management

The solution also allows the synchronization of customers and vendors enabling the POS user to perform credit transactions based on credit limits in the Business Central.

Benefits of the x2x RMH-BC integration solution

The x2xeCommerce integration solution is designed to reduce the workload on resources and eliminate errors, making the business system more efficient and effective. With the autonomous syncing facility of the solution, you can automatically ensure that the data between the two solutions is consistent and up-to-date. Furthermore, the automatic data synchronization ensures a greater level of accuracy by eliminating the human errors. With the freed-up resources, you can utilize them on more cognitively demanding tasks. These benefits produce great results for the business in terms of productivity and handling increased management demands.

Features of the x2x RMH-BC integration solution

The solution comes with many useful features aimed at providing convenience to the user. Some of the features include


The scheduler enables automatic data synchronization operations at regular time intervals. The user can choose the interval as per their specific needs. With the scheduler, therefore, the user can ensure that the data remains updated without any human intervention.

a screenshot of the solution

Email notifications

Users can set up email notifications to keep themselves abreast of the latest integration operations. This is particularly useful if the user wants to monitor their operations on the go and wants to keep themselves aware of any resulting errors.

Activity log

The activity log presents a comprehensive table for the user to verify the status of their operations by displaying the record of various activities along with useful information about them such as time and remarks. This allows the user to ensure the completion of synchronization operations and troubleshoot any errors preventing the completion of tasks.

 x2x RMH-BC – a customizable solution

The x2x team understands the diverse nature of the business world and recognize this by facilitating its solution as customizable according to the customers' demands. The x2x RMH-BC is also a customizable solution that can be modified to meet your specific needs by the x2xeCommerce team. If you’ve any queries in this regard, feel free to reach out to the x2x team.


The growing demands of the business industry have put businesses under pressure to adapt their management system accordingly. Therefore, as an efficient business management team, it is vital to constantly evaluate one’s needs and implement solutions that cater to them. The x2xeCommerce RMH-BC integration solution is developed for these emerging demands of the business world, especially those in the retail industry. With this solution implemented for you, you can establish a unified business management system providing you convenience and enhanced efficiency. 

If you’re interested in this solution, you can get more details on this link. And, if your business needs some other integration solution then the x2xeCommerce team also helps you in understanding your requirements and implementing a suitable solution. An example of another integration solution by the x2xeCommerce includes the x2x BC-Magento integration solution. Reach out to the x2x team for any query or a free demo.



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