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Why choose x2xeCommerce for RMH-QuickBooks Integration

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The world of business and the complexities in managing its dynamics involve looking at many different aspects. For any business, you interact with many people who can determine the success of your business operations. Many businesses are mainly concerned about their interaction with customers; however, their interaction with other businesses, or in other words their b2b interaction also plays a major part in deciding the success of their business. The reason for this is that every running business is built on an ecosystem and is a combination of the various components and services that must be managed well for it to function. Thus, businesses depend on these services to run their operations and serve their customers. 

Since these business services play a major part in enabling the success of businesses their careful selection is necessary. For this purpose, a business must first carefully analyze its requirements and then look for solutions that align with its requirements. Since a great deal of time, effort, and investment is involved in implementing any business solution, a wrong solution will not only be wasteful but could also thwart you from reaching the full potential of your business productivity. In this article, we’ll discuss why the RMH-QuickBooks Integration solution by x2xeCommerce is the right solution for your RMH-QuickBooks integration needs.

What key features are offered by the x2xeCommerce RMH-QuickBooks solution?

The x2xeCommerce solution is designed with careful consideration of the business requirements. Some of the main features of the business solution include:

Comprehensive solution:

The x2x RMH-QuickBooks Integration solution is designed by a team of expert developers and functional consultants who hold great experience in both QuickBooks and RMH enabling them to develop a comprehensive solution that meets the industry standards and operational requirements of the businesses utilizing these solutions. The x2x integration solution incorporates the integration of all the necessary transactions between the two solutions such as:

  1. Sales and Cost of Goods Sold

  2. Purchase and Purchase Returns

  3. Vendors and Accounts Payable

  4. Account Receivables with Customers

  5. Inventory Adjustment and Transfers

Process scheduling:

One of the main purposes of any business solution is to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business operation. This is often achieved by automating the otherwise manual processes. The x2xeCommerce RMH-QuickBooks integration solution provides a scheduling process that automates the syncing operation between the two solutions ensuring that the two solutions remain consistent and up-to-date with each other without the need for any human intervention. The schedulers feature allows the user to enable schedulers for different integration operations and set the interval for how often the sync runs allowing the user to set time intervals in line with the operational speed of their business.

a screenshot of the solution.

Configuration flexibility:

Accounting is a complex business management area where each account is set up as per specific business demands. The x2xeCommerce RMH-QuickBooks Integration solution provides the user with the flexibility to map their QuickBooks accounts with RMH accounts as per their specific needs which are then credited and debited as the transaction occurs. This allows the user to ensure that the right QuickBooks accounts get populated with each relevant RMH transaction. The solution also allows users to enable/disable the modules that they want to use making the system more efficient by running the operations only those that are required.


The x2xeCommerce aims to provide its user with a complete and comprehensive solution that meets all of their requirements. While the solution is full of many useful options and features that could be useful to many using the two solutions the team at x2xeCommerce understands the need for unique needs and requirements of each business. For this reason, the x2xeCommerce solutions are fully customizable as per the specific demand of the customers. Having the vast knowledge of these two solutions at the x2x by the consulting team and the expertise of the development team enables the x2xeCommerce to discuss with you the specific needs that pertain to you and cater to them with the customization of the solution. If you’ve any such need feel free to contact the x2xeCommerce team.

Easy learning curve

One of the main concerns when adopting any piece of technology is learning to use it properly because you can’t fully realize the potential of anything unless you learn to properly use it. The x2xeCommerce RMH-QuickBooks Integration solution presents to its user an easy learning curve that enables them to get used to it in no time and achieve its potential for their business. 

Thorough training:

x2xeCommerce provides a structured learning pathway for its customers walking them through each part of the solution and providing its training for complete understanding. The training session includes getting the users familiarized with the navigation and features of the solution and how to use them under different circumstances. These sessions are also recorded and shared with the user for revision and reference purposes.

User testing:

After training the users are free to play with the solution in a test environment allowing them to test their learning of the solution. This part includes constant guidance by the x2x team, answering any queries that the user might have.


The x2xeCommerce also provides a comprehensive manual to its users detailing each part of the solution for easy understanding and serving as a quick guide should they need it.


While the digital era has expanded our horizons of achieving more with less, enhancing our productivity and capabilities it has also presented us with different challenges that must be tackled. The problem lies in finding the right path to such challenges if we’re to achieve our maximum potential. Such needs are very dominant in the business world where small things can matter significantly for your productivity. And one such need is choosing the right solution. 

The RMH-QuickBooks Integration Solution by x2xeCommerce offers a complete package that would suit the requirements of anyone seeking an integration solution for these two business solutions. If you’ve any queries or need further consultation on this solution feel free to reach out to the x2xeCommerce team. And if you need any other integration solution the x2x can provide you with that as well. An example of another solution by x2xeCommerce includes The x2x RMH-Shopify Integration solution.



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