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How technological transformation is driving ecommerce success

A banner for a blog post having title "How technological transformation is driving ecommerce success"
A banner for a blog post having title "How technological transformation is driving ecommerce success"

The whole technological infrastructure is built upon individual advancements in different technological realms; innovation in one technological area drives the other. Ecommerce is one such component of our digital life that holds prominent space in the dynamics of our modern lifestyles. While it’s comparatively new compared to other digital marvels we have witnessed in recent decades, it has experienced multiple levels of enhancement since its inception thanks to ever-advancing digital technology to its leverage. Therefore, it’s important to understand how such changes have impacted its growth. This article will look at some of the innovations in digital technology that have contributed to the success of the ecommerce industry.

A more intuitive interface driving greater accessibility

How easily people can interact with any technological component significantly decides its penetration into our lifestyles. Recent technologies such as computer vision and voice recognition have made the ecommerce experience more integrated into our lives; anyone can now easily search for products using an image or camera on their phone or using the voice search option. This has eliminated much of the technological understanding barrier presented by the need to browse search engines, and even use filters to find products, besides saving time – people can now find their desired products much more easily. Furthermore, some online retailers enable users to buy products just by using voice instructions. Such advancements have significantly increased the accessibility of people to the world of ecommerce and increased its significance in our lives.

Marketing & buying on the same platform

One factor that gives leverage to ecomemrce but is often neglected is that in the case of ecommerce, marketing and buying occur on the same platform which reduces friction during the customer journey. Ecommerce stores can run ads for their products on different websites and social media channels that have large numbers of potential customers and have them land on their product pages within seconds of looking at ads; some social media sites even enable webstore to integrate and directly sales to the customer without leaving those platforms. Customers feel a sense of control by visiting the product page, learning about it, reading its reviews, or even buying it as soon as they discover it through online ads. Thus, no doubt online marketing and its platforms have boosted the ecommerce industry.

Products & services going digital

Another reason that has provided for the growth of ecommerce transactions is digitalization on its own – many products & services have taken the digital form and due to their digital nature are sold online. Some examples are:

  • eBooks are becoming increasingly popular among book readers due to their mobility and easier accessibility

  • Online video streaming & video-on-demand platforms have replaced the traditional old video rental stores.

Vendors going digital

The advent of the internet has been beneficial for all in every domain. The advancement in technology has made the internet and computer devices cheaper with the passing of time, increasing their access to more people and driving the digital revolution. Plus, the technological barrier of setting up a webstore has been reduced with the introduction of ecommerce platforms making it easy to build & manage an ecommerce store, even for non-technical people. Consequently, to leverage the changing ecosystem and dynamics of human life, even vendors whose services or products aren’t digital have integrated ecommerce into their business to sell online. Thus, the proportion of ecommerce transactions has significantly increased due to technological advancements in ecommerce & IT with the passing of time.


There is no doubt that the progress in technology, whether directly in the ecommerce field or in some other technological area, has driven the success of ecommerce overall. Such achievements have made the ecommerce experience more integrated into our lifestyle and have eliminated much of the friction associated with the ecommerce buying journey. Moreover, the extensive digitalization of how we interact with products & services and business overall has given ecommerce a further boost.

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