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Managing Category with the x2x RMH-Woo

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How complex we’re compared to our ancestors? This is an interesting question that calls for pondering. Indulging in this very thought combined with the curiosity to know has always propelled us to invent novel ways to handle the complexities of modern society in efficient ways. One of the common but very useful tools, established in almost all disciplines of our life, by which we bring order to the enormous amount of complex information in our lives is classification. Although an intrinsic part of how our mind works we have made use of this in many instances of our practical life to enhance our processing of intricate details and information our world throws at us. Our mind in order to recognize, value, and give meaning to things places everything we come across in different categories that share some similar characteristics. This classifying nature makes it easier to interact with those things based on our learning about those specific categories. Let’s say you’re looking for a pen in a supermarket; you know that you’re likely to find it in the stationary section – now compare this with finding the same pen in a not-so-likely supermarket where every item is placed randomly among a sea of dissimilar products.

This article will discuss why categorizing products in an ecommerce environment is important and how the x2xecommerce RMH-Woo integration solution can complement categorizing in a hybrid retail business environment

Why categories are important in an ecommerce environment

As discussed above categorizing things has always been paramount to perceiving and processing the information presented to us. While this statement is true, it’s also true that it helps us in seeking the information we desire in the right places. When you come across VR game headsets for the first time your mind intrinsically establishes it’s an electronic device and further sub-categorized it as a gaming device based on its characteristics. But when you’re looking to buy such a device in a supermarket you automatically know where to look for such it – in the electron department in video games categories. This example gives an impression of how easy it becomes to navigate to your desired products in a market setting if the products are organized in order of classification.

The importance of categorizing products therefore cannot be neglected in any retail setting. In fact, in the context of an ecommerce store, it becomes even more crucial to categorize products accurately. If your webstore interface and navigation don’t allow for an intuitive navigation to find products easily customers won’t stick to your website and you run the risk of losing potential customers. Categorizing your product on the webstore makes it convenient for customers to sort out the kind of product they’re looking for and then compare them with each other to contemplate which one suits them the best. The customer can reach out to the product they’re looking for in less time reducing the bouncing rate of your webstore. Consequently, understanding the appropriate classification of your products and then categorizing them in a hierarchy in which your visitors are most likely to look at them can increase the customer experience and improve your sales.

Managing categories with x2x RMH-Woo solution

Efficient management practices are at the heart of many business management teams. In fact, a lot of disciplines, professions, and tools exist to serve this purpose. In order to serve customers across different domains, many businesses have entered into multiple sales channels. While this can be lucrative from a business perspective, it adds to the complexities of management by introducing challenges. One such demanding aspect of it is the need to ensure the consistency of data across multiple platforms. This is not a simple task given the numerous amount of products and ensuring this manually would not only consume precious time and resources but also give room to human errors that can lead to bad customer experience and loss of reputation among your customers. On the other hand, business tools like the x2xecommerce RMH-Woo enable the automatic syncing of product data across the two platforms in a matter of seconds. With your time and resources saved, you can put them to more demanding tasks. Thus, having an integrated solution can not only effectively enhance the efficiency of your business operation in a hybrid retail model but also increase the accuracy of your operations allowing you to handle your mundane business tasks with ease of mind.

What does the category management offer?

Designed as a comprehensive and intuitive solution the x2xecommerce RMH-Woo integration solution allows the users to download the categories from RMH to its Product Manager Module and then export it to WooCommerce. What’s important here is the capability of this module to allow for further changes to the categories information before uploading them to Woo. This is useful to allow users to have a different catalog structure on its webstore than its RMH. The category management windows offer an intuitive and informative interface displaying all the categories and the number of products they hold against their name in brackets. Some of the other prominent features include

  1. You can create new categories and upload them to WooCommerce in case you need some additional categories on Woo that do not exist in RMH. This provides the management with greater flexibility and independence in managing catalogs on their webstore.

  2. You can change the name of categories on PMP if you want them to display by some other name on the webstore

  3. You can choose if you want to include the selected category in the menu and provide a description for the category.

Screenshot of the solution interface.


The complexity of adding multiple sales channels can be hard to handle if suitable business tools aren’t considered. Therefore, wherever any business expands or enters into a venture it should contemplate all the necessary dynamics involved and what resources would be required to effectively interact with them. The x2xecommerce RMH-WooCommerce integration solution is a comprehensive solution that provides not only category integration but also the sync the all the relevant product information between the two platforms. If you’re looking for such a solution then reach out to x2xecommerce or have it customized according to your requirements. The x2xecommerce also provides other solutions for integration purposes such as the x2xecommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution. If you need a free demo or have any query reach out to the x2xecommerce team.



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