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Seamless order management with x2x RMH-Woo integration

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The market potential of ecommerce hasn’t gone unrealized; many new ecommerce stores are always spurring up to capitalize on the growing potential of this industry. While ecommerce presents a fruitful ground for anyone starting a business in the retail sector, retail stores that already have a physical presence and an established business system can step into it much more quickly to gain leverage of its growing popularity; they already have a managed and maintained supply chain system, inventory management system, customer base, expertise and the required infrastructure to run a retail business. Of course, setting up a webstore is a project in itself but having a running physical store makes it much easier to start an ecommerce store than starting everything from scratch and building up the whole retail infrastructure.

However, one thing that is a must in a hybrid retail business is the need for a unified business management system despite having two selling channels. This is established with integration software such as the x2x RMH-WooCommerce integration solution. While the mentioned solution handles many aspects of integration, such as order, product, and customer management, this article will discuss how it makes the order management process seamless in an integrated hybrid retail business environment.

Faster fulfillment time

One of the most valuable factors that contribute to customer satisfaction is the order fulfillment time. The utilization of the same inventory by both sales channels requires any orders received online to be accounted for in the primary inventory management system handled by the RMH. Manually, tracking each online order and entering its data on the POS can be cumbersome not only affecting the efficiency of your order fulfillment process but also making it more prone to errors. This can have a negative impact on the customer satisfaction levels. The x2xecommerce RMH-WooCommerce integration solution enables the downloading of WooCommerce orders into RMH, having them transacted there and uploaded to Shopify as fulfillment. This eliminates a lot of mundane manual tasks that would be required otherwise, saving you time & resources.

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Fewer errors and more accurate order management

When it comes to order processing, errors can account for very negative consequences for your business reputation and also the accounting system of your business management. For e.g., if an order is delivered to the wrong customer or if the products delivered aren’t accurate then not only do you have to handle the embarrassment on many ends but also have to ensure that your inventory and business accounts are rectified accordingly, which is a cumbersome process and can also have monetary consequences. The x2x integration solution with its syncing capabilities ensures the accurate transfer of data between the two platforms preventing any chances of errors. Therefore, with the x2xecommerce RMH-Woo integration solution, the accuracy of your order management and other business operations improves which is crucial for ensuring a good reputation and efficiency of your business.

Instant inventory updates

In a hybrid retail environment where there are sales taking place on both channels simultaneously, it is vital to ensure that the inventory information on both platforms is synced with each other and updated. Of course, manually ensuring this is very difficult and not even practical. Also, your team needs updated inventory information to answer customers' queries about the availability of products. Plus, you risk overselling some items if the inventory on your webstore isn’t updated which can cause a problem of bad reputation and customer satisfaction when it comes to order fulfillment. With the x2xecommerce RMH-WOO integration solution, your inventory gets automatically synced so you don’t run into such problems.


Order management is a very delicate process and also one of the most crucial for retail businesses, especially those in the hybrid model. The x2xecommerce RMH-WOO integration solution seamlessly integrates the two sales platforms to ensure a synced, accurate and updated inventory system and seamless order processing that results not only in faster order processing but also better customer satisfaction.

The x2xecommerce along with this solution also offers other integration solutions in the domain of ERP, ecommerce, and POS. An example of another solution is the x2xecommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution. Reach out to the x2xecommerce team for any query or a free demo.



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