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Features that enhance x2x RMH-QBO integration solution

How do you recognize a good business solution? A good business solution design demonstrates a detailed understanding of businesses and their concerns that it seeks to facilitate. Although many business solutions cater to business requirements by providing relevant tools, they don’t offer the convenience demanded by a good customer experience. x2x RMH & Quickbooks integration solution, on top of the main functionalities, incorporates features that enable a smoother user experience and address the accounting concerns of business managers. These added features go one step ahead by making the integration system more autonomous, yet at the same time, enhancing the monitoring capabilities for the end-user. Let’s see which options make this possible for x2x RMH-Quickbooks integration.


Updated data is paramount to business management and planning. Bereft of updated data, the presented data would reflect an outdated representation of your business; consequently, wrong decisions and losses are inevitable.

While the integrated solution facilitates data synchronization through data migration and mapping, the need for updated data calls for something more. Of course, manual data updation is one option, but in an overly competitive business environment where optimal utilization of resources is imperative, it’s not feasible. First, you can miss data migration initialization leading to outdated data. Secondly, you need to allocate human resources to keep track of time and update data every time – impacting their efficiency for more demanding tasks.

The scheduler function in x2x RMH-QBO integration enables automatic data updation between the two platforms. With the scheduler, you can;

  1. Set a time interval for data updation as per your requirements.

  2. Select modules for data updation.

  3. Select the start and stop time for the scheduler to run. The scheduler will run at defined intervals between the selected time.

Therefore, the scheduler ensures an optimal business process flow that enables greater productivity with convenience for your management team while at the same time assuring reductions in errors.

Rounding errors

Rounding errors occur when a value gets rounded off to a certain level of decimal places or significant values. Although the decimal numbers disregarded represent a minimal value for a particular transaction, they accumulate over a high volume of business transactions. Therefore, for any business with high transaction volume, these errors must be accounted. With the RMH-QBO integration, you can record these rounding errors in the journal ledger.

  1. If the rounding error is under the set threshold, an entry is made into the ledger.

  2. If the rounding error exceeds the set threshold, the user can enter a new line in the journal to balance the error.

Email notification

It’s vital for business managers to be observant of their business processes, especially when the operations get done in an autonomous fashion. For example, if an automatic process fails, human intervention is necessary to correct it. The x2x email notifier sends email notifications to the user so that they remain updated and confident about their business operations. Furthermore, email notifications allow users to keep track of their activities.


Competent business solutions demonstrate two characteristics. It offers tools to accomplish tasks that enhance productivity; secondly, it offers functions that complement these tools and makes the solution itself frictionless by providing convenience to users in the overall usability of the solution. The x2x RMH-QBO integration is one example of such a solution incorporating the features mentioned above and many more, ensuring users get the optimal output from its utilization.

Are you using these two business platforms? If yes, you can leverage this integration solution and elevate your productivity. Reach out to the x2xecomerce team for any questions or a demo; the team would be more than happy to help you.



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