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How benefits of RMH Pick N Scan App enhance business operations

You can’t truly comprehend the benefits of something without realizing what they mean and how they affect the outcomes. A 12 megapixels camera is better than a 7 megapixels camera, but understanding how these extra 5 megapixels make a difference for the photographer is also important. Technology, like in many areas, has gifted businesses with unprecedented advantages. However, the lack of understanding of the outcomes of its benefits undermines its adoption. The more we understand these outcomes, the more motivated we are to adopt it.

The x2x RMH Pick N Scan App offers retailers great features that can widen their capabilities and streamline their processes. Let’s see what the benefits of this app mean for users.

Streamline business operations with quick data consolidation

RMH Pick N Scan app facilitates the users to sell remotely by inputting sales transactions as they make a sale, which means the database gets updated as soon as a transaction occurs. Now let’s see how this can help the management:

Consider a drinking water bottle business that delivers water bottles to its clients daily. As salespersons make sales during the day, the total number of bottles sold is recorded automatically in the central database, and the sales data of every salesperson gets reconciled. Finally, a daily report for total sales gets generated, and the stocks are reordered from the wholesaler, even before the delivery team is back in the warehouse. This improved process, as a result, saves time and prevents errors that could lead to overstocking or understocking, streamlining the overall process. In contrast, without such a system, the management would manually sum up the total number of bottles sold daily after each salesperson has returned before they make the order to the wholesaler.

Instant decisions with insights

Insights are crucial to business management. Having good insights can help businesses make informed decisions at the right time. Consider the example of the drinking water business above. Using the Scan N Pick app, salespersons can automatically check and update the client’s balance in real time as the transaction proceeds. If the customer doesn’t have enough credit, they can pay using another method or load more balance into their account.

This benefit of the app prevents accumulating customer accounts receivable by avoiding selling to customers when their balance limit has been exceeded. Outstanding customer dues can create cash flow problems for businesses and increase expenses. Plus, maintaining account receivables can put an extra burden on the company’s accountants.

Although you can do this manually as well, that would mean manually checking and updating the client’s balance every time delivery takes place; this would not only take time but could also cause errors and a longer transactional period, affecting efficiency and customer experience.

Reduced checkout time means increased profits

Ever wondered why people like browsing the aisle of supermarkets? Because as we navigate shelves full of items, it stimulates our senses of curiosity and anticipation as we discover new products, compare prices and find new deals in a sophisticatedly designed environment that seeks to provoke satisfaction and pleasure in us. Paradoxically, many of us still procrastinate over visits to grocery stores due to the slow checkout process. In fact, as per one report, 20% of people hesitate to go to retail stores due to long checkout times.

With the x2x Scan N Pick app, you can offer your customers self-checkout by enabling them to scan items using their cell phones and pay using their account credit or bank cards. According to one report, stores that offer advance checkouts, for example, self or mobile checkout facilities, generate 30% more revenue. Similarly, with this app, you can also improve your company’s revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.


Improving business does not necessarily mean expanding it, but refining it – this is where the x2x Scan N Pick app can help you. With this app in your repertoire of business tools, you can improve your business operations and increase customer experience resulting in increased revenues directly or indirectly.

If you want a free demo or have any queries related to the solution, you can always reach out to the x2xecommerce team, and the team would be happy to help you.


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