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x2x RHM-QuickBooks integration features & their benefits

Business operations & management requires great diligence to operate efficiently; the need for it is even more pronounced when it comes to accounting, where you have to deal with ever-increasing numbers that call for accurate data representation. Retail businesses always make transactions on their Point of sales system; however, recording such massive transaction details for accounting, tax, and analytics requires more functionality than that offered by POS alone. Hence the need for a business solution developed specifically for these purposes, and equally important, an integration solution that enables efficient bi-directional flow data between these two disparate solutions – the x2x RMH-Quickbooks integration solution is the answer. Let’s look at some of its feature and their benefits.

Rounding errors

Business accounting demands great accuracy; even marginal errors can lead to consequences bearing you great losses, not to mention their effect when compounded. The x2x RMH-Quickbooks integration solution provides means to prevent rounding errors when the total price gets broken into taxes and product prices; the rounding error for one transaction might not be great, but for a retail business where numerous transactions take place on a daily basis, it can causes significant discrepancies when accounts consolidated.

This feature allows setting a threshold for a rounding error; if the rounding error is within the threshold, the difference between the rounded value and the actual error will become recorded into a rounding account. In contrast, if the difference is more, the user can balance it with a new line in the ledger.


William James, a 19th-century philosopher, said, “Civilization is what we call the tendency of things to get done with less thinking and more doing”; he is trying to say that as civilization progresses, we become more efficient at doing things with the latest tools and technology, enabling us to do more with less effort and thinking. This is what the scheduler allows us to do; it schedules routine processes at specific intervals and initiates them automatically, consequently saving time & resources for more demanding tasks. Furthermore, with automatic process initiation, you prevent missing any scheduled task, improving the accuracy of your operations.

The x2x RMH-Quickbooks solution lets you schedule the following task:

  1. Uploading GL

  2. Downloading Customers

  3. Downloading Vendors.

Email Notifications

Business needs diligent monitoring of all their activities, even if they’re just routine one; one mundane activity missed can bring significant loss for the company and its reputation. Therefore, it is paramount that business managers keep themself apprised of the business activities. The x2x RHM-Quickbook integration solution lets you set up an email notifier that notifies you through emails as the tasks proceed or if there is some failure that obstructs the task so that you can respond right away, no matter where you’re.

Activity log

Realizing the importance of monitoring and tracking activities, the integration solution features an activity log that lists all the integration activities and their status. Thus, users can leverage this to confirm if the tasks are complete when troubleshooting for errors and inconsistencies and to make reports & analytics. Furthermore, it promotes transparency that aids auditing and compliance with regulations and policies.


The x2x RMH-Quickbooks integration solution is a comprehensive & flexible solution enriched with a list of features and functionalities to meet your business integration needs and provide you with a platform that improves the efficiency and accuracy of your business operations with transparency and monitoring facilities.

The solution offers various other functionalities and is customizable per your demand by the x2xecommerce team of experts. Moreover, x2xecommerce provides other solutions, such as the x2x RHM-GP solution and others. To learn more about the solution, contact the x2x team for a free demo or any query.



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