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x2x presents RMH-Magento Integration

If you’re into eCommerce or looking to step into it for your retail business then a little research would surely make you come across Magento, an online eCommerce platform trusted by many companies for their online retail operations. Similarly, Retail Management Hero, a very well-known name in the POS industry, is providing POS solutions to various kinds of retail businesses for their physical store sales and inventory management operations. However, here is a question that one should ask: How likely it is that any business would be using both of these platforms? A very simple answer to that being very popular platforms in their respective domains it’s very likely. x2x presents a great product that makes integration possible between these two platforms, allowing you to automate processes, save time, and exchange data between these two.

In today’s world, business use many different kinds of software to manage their operations in different domains. On this note, it is very important to have some kind of integration between them that becomes significantly more important when it comes to any common use of resources between these platforms. In the case of running a physical and online store simultaneously, the question of how the inventory would be synced between them pops up. Ensuring the inventory is consistent between the two platforms manually is an arduous task and would eat up a lot of precious business hours, let alone make your processes prone to troublesome errors.

x2x RMH-Magento is the Solution:

x2x RMH-Magento platform is developed by experts that understand both platforms to their core. It's not only designed with a very user-friendly, intuitive interface but also requires very basic training. Using it not only you can upload inventory, product information, and categories from RMH to Magento; but as mentioned above, this product also entails two-way communication allowing you to download your orders from your webstore.

Managing web orders:

Downloading the web order feature is the most essential feature of the x2x RMH-Magento, as it ensures the instant availability of eCommerce store orders in RMH. This helps you make a better decision regarding the fulfillment as per product availability in stores, making it easier and faster to fulfill orders. Hence, increasing customer satisfaction.

Inventory management:

Point-of-sales software comes equipped with great inventory management capability. The x2x RMH-Magento integration opens the door for you to leverage this inventory management capability of RMH and fulfill your web orders from RMH after you’ve downloaded them, updating & syncing inventory accordingly.

The synchronization of your inventory prevents overselling & stock inaccuracy errors, brings transparency to your business, and improves the overall efficiency of your operations, saving you time. You don’t need to manually keep track of your inventory allowing you to use your resources for other more demanding tasks.

Great flexibility:

What makes a business app great is its flexibility, and we know that. Businesses operate with different dynamics and so is their way of operating. Taking that into consideration, we’ve created our product with great flexibility in mind so that you may use it as per your business nature:

  1. Set up a download/upload scheduler as per your sales volumes.

  2. Chose the payment status of orders to download.

  3. Chose the order status of orders to download.

  4. Download webstore orders as work orders or quote.

  5. Allow custom mapping of POS fields to Magento.

  6. Synchronize data in bulk or by product, or category.

  7. Ship from RMH or Magento.

Let us do it for you:

With our team of developers and integration experts, we’re always ready to serve you whatever your needs are. Our team will do the complete setup for you integrating & configuring our products as per your requirements. We’ll ensure customized mapping of your POS field with relevant Magento attributes so that your integration and data migration between the two platforms can achieve full efficacy. Furthermore, our product comes with a comprehensive manual to help you guide, should you need it anytime. And still! You can always reach our customer care to get any kind of help.

So if you’re using these platforms or looking to integrate them reach out to us and make your operations more convenient, smoother, and faster while at the same time ensuring better customer satisfaction through a reduced order fulfillment cycle.


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