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X2x present Netsuite-RMH Integration

Business solutions are at the heart of successful company operations; without them, any company would cease to give competition. While many different types of solutions are available in the market, not every solution caters to every kind of need. This means sometimes businesses have to opt for more than one solution to manage their operations.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ERP softwares are the first in line when it comes to considering a business solution for many companies. They help companies manage & plan their operations in many domains from finance to marketing & sales, and many others. However, businesses still sometimes demand the use of domain-specific solutions to meet their requirements in greater depth. A retail business using an independent POS platform, besides an ERP, to capture sales and customer information at checkout is a perfect example of such a scenario.

Using different solutions will allow the user to expand the functionalities at their disposal, but it drives the need for something very important, it calls for what we at x2xecommerce do – integration between business solutions. Without the presence of integration, important business data would be all over the place, and organizing it would be such a monotonous task. This article discusses one of the solutions developed by x2xecommerce that focuses on solving this problem for businesses using Netsuite E.R.P along with the RMH POS system.

What Netsuite-RMH Integration brings:

Netsuite ERP provides you with insights into your operations and automates your business processes backed by important data that is fed into the system. With accurate data, you can forecast your sales, manage & track inventory, generate reports, do accounting, and much more. For a retail business, this data is often the sales transaction and customer data captured by POS terminals. However, since this data is often captured by an independent POS terminal the flow of data in a structured and organized way between the POS terminal and Netsuite is crucial.

The x2x Netsuite-RMH integrations make this possible in an efficient manner allowing you to transfer your data between the two platforms, saving your time and resources. Using the Netsuite-RMH Integration, you can enhance your business by:

Providing Omni-channel experience:

Netsuite-RMH integration can link multiple POS to the same database in Netsuite. This allows you to maintain customer accounts & balances and serve them accordingly irrespective of where they make a purchase.

Improving customer experience

Consider a customer who makes an inquiry about the availability of an item at your store only to find out that the item is out of stock when they actually come to buy it at your store, a few mins later. This kind of problem can occur if your inventory levels aren’t synced between platforms. With x2x Netsuite-RMH integration inventory and customer, balances can be synced in real-time allowing you to better serve your customers and prevent overselling.

Saves time & resources:

With automatic inventory syncing, product, customers, invoice, and other integrations you can free up a lot of resources and save time, allowing you to use them for more demanding operations. This improves the overall efficiency of your company and improves its productivity.

Great usability:

Netsuite-RMH integration comes enriched with great features focused on making it more convenient to use. It allows you to keep track of all your integration activities using logs, and with the scheduler option, you can opt to update your data automatically at set intervals that suit your needs. The user-friendly interface is not only very easy to use but requires very basic training.

Reach out to us:

At x2xecommerce we’re always ready to discuss your integration needs and set up a solution as per your requirements. Whether it’s Netsuite-RMH integration or some other integration solutions that you’re seeking, you can always reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to help you achieve your business goal in an efficient manner that drives the wheels of productivity for your firm.



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