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Why choose x2xeCommerce for your integration needs

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The utilization of multiple solutions for management purposes has become a crucial requirement for many businesses owing to the incorporation of multiple sales channels and expansion into different market segments putting further management demands on businesses. Furthermore, as we become more advanced we’ve realized the significance of many aspects of business that were once ignored or not given much importance, resulting in adopting tools and solutions to manage these aspects efficiently. 

However, despite the disparate nature of various processes and solutions used by any business entity they still need to be linked to the central management system to present the management with a unified view of the business organization. We might think different domains of business are independent but the reality relies on the fact that at the higher management levels, the consolidation of data from all sources is necessary to make important decisions and planning that can impact the whole organization. Therefore, an integrated system linking all of your relevant solutions managing different domains of business is a great necessity for many organizations. While there are many different kinds of integration solutions existing in the market, it’s vital to carefully analyze your requirements and choose the right solution. In this article, we'll see what makes the integration solutions offered by x2xeCommerce a good choice for your needs.

Customizable solutions by x2xeCommerce

The business world is huge involving many different aspects and possibilities. It would not be wrong to say that no business solution can meet all the requirements of all businesses. While many business solutions are developed with general business requirements in mind, each business is unique and it’s important to realize their need for customized solutions to meet their specific requirements. While the solutions offered by the x2x cover a wide range of features and modules, they are fully customizable to meet the specific demands of the customers allowing the flexibility to align their business configuration with x2x solutions.

The teams of experts at x2xeCommerce have in-depth knowledge of the solution being integrated by their solutions and can provide you with consultation, understanding of your needs, and propose & develop a resulting solution that’s in line with your requirements. Moreover, with the x2x solutions being customizable you don’t have to worry about your changing requirement since you can easily get the solution modified as per your varying needs. 

If you’ve some special business requirements and need consultation in regards to customization, then feel free to contact the x2xeCommerce team. They can help you meet those requirements and help implement a fulfilling solution that’s specific to your needs.

Constant support and services

Your journey with the x2xeComemrce doesn’t end with the implementation of the integration solution, rather the x2x team believes in providing continuous support throughout solution utilization by its clients. The x2xeCommerce utilizes an effective communication and collaboration approach with its clients allowing them to contact the customer support team with any queries and issues. Some of the features include:

  • The x2xeCommerce uses an effective collaboration and communication platform to facilitate clients througout their product journey 

  • Our customer support platforms allow for multiple people to collaborate allowing the involvement of multiple concerned persons on any issue.

  • The topics of discussions are arranged in threads making it easier for the client to navigate between various topics.

  • The platform allows the client to refer back to the previous thread and message should they require it in the future.

Other than the mentioned platform above, the client can make any inquiry directly by calling the company or contacting through an email. The customer support team can help the client resolve any issue or guide them through any configuration changes required by their business demands. 

Other features

Some of the other features that make the integration solutions offered by x2xeCommerce a great choice include:

Thorough training

To help the client completely set up and ready to use the x2xeCommerce integration solution a complete training of the solution is provided and customers are provided a test environment to test their learning of the solution. Manual and other content such as training videos are also provided to facilitate customers.

Solutions Updates

The x2xeCommerce ensures that the clients' solutions remain updated by frequently updating their solutions versions. This provides the clients with new updates and facilitates them with new features keeping them aligned with the rising standards.

Modular solutions

The solutions by x2xeCommerce come in the form of modules that make them more efficient and cost-friendly. The client may choose to buy only the modules relevant to their needs instead of paying for the whole solution.


In the era of digitalization where we rely on multiple solutions to manage our businesses the need for integration solutions is crucial. However, like any business need, we must also understand the specific of our business demands in this area as well, and then choose the solution accordingly. Thus, making both internal and external research vital in our quest to implement the best solution and reach a unified business management that is most effective per your business demands. The x2xeCommerce holding years of expertise in providing integration solutions in the domains of ERPs, POS, eCommerce, and accounting can help you with this and provide you an with integration solution that is pertinent to your needs. An example of an integration solution by the x2xeCommerce includes the x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify Integration solution. Contact the x2x team for any consultancy or a free demo.



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