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A look at the x2x RMH-QuickBooks Integration features

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Designing solutions for a targeted audience needs careful planning and research. The developers must not only understand the functioning of the system they intend to serve but also carefully plan their solution to incorporate all the components that will make their solution attractive and convenient to users. On the other side as a user of the solution, one must also first carefully analyze and understand their requirement and then look for solutions that meet their specific demands. A solution not chosen wisely can impact your productivity. Thus, a business solution must incorporate features that align with most business objectives aimed at increasing the productivity of the business they’re designed for while also providing convenience to its users. 

The x2xeCommerce RMH-QuickBooks Integration solution integration solutions demonstrate this in the structure of their solutions and the features offered. Being comprehensive solutions their solutions provide much flexibility to their users and configure them as per their requirements. In this article we’ll look at some of the useful features offered by the x2xeCommerce RMH-QuickBooks Integration solution and how these features can be useful to its users.

Email notifications

In the critical and sensitive functionating of business areas such as accounting the users must always ensure the proper functioning of operations since even minor errors in these areas can prove to be problematic. And if any problem occurs then it must be rectified immediately to ensure any further impact on the business. This means that the business must remain notified of all the operations as they happen. The x2xeCommerce RMH-QuickBooks Integration Solution provides the functionality of email notifications that allow the user to receive email notifications as the synchronization operations take place enabling them to keep track of their activities. This way they can keep themselves updated no matter where they are. This functionality provides the user with the following features:

  • The user can choose to receive email notifications either for all operations or just for the errors.

  • The user can choose for which operations they want to receive notification by selecting the modules.

  • The user can set up a BCC email along with the main email and have multiple people notified of the status of operations.

Process locking mechanism 

The x2x RMH-QuickBooks Integration solution provides a locking mechanism to promote data integrity and prevent any data inconsistencies. Your synching process can become interrupted due to any reason such as power failure. Furthermore, it’s also possible that the same synching process can be initiated by multiple users, resulting in data conflict and inaccuracies. The locking mechanism prevents this from occurring by locking the process once it’s started and then automatically releasing the corresponding lock to enable any subsequent process to commence. However, if the systems get locked due to any interruption then it can be manually unlocked to continue the process. It’s thus advised to be vigilant of the locking mechanism to be able to promptly unlock the process and allow the continued operations seamlessly.

Store set-up in x2x RMH-QuickBooks

The x2x solution also fulfills the requirements if you’re using a multiple-store setup. Each store is different from each others and how you want to import its data from RMH to your QuickBooks account may differ. Depending on your requirements you can use the store setup features to import the data from each store accordingly. If you’re connected to RMH Central all of your stores are available in the store setup window where you can select various parameters to decide what transactions you want to import to the QuickBooks account for each store. You can select the following parameters:

Opening sales batch:

This will import the sales transactions from this sales batch and onward excluding any transactions from batches that precede it.

Opening purchase order date:

This will import purchase orders from this date and onwards.

Opening transfer-in date:

This will bring all the transfers-in transactions for the given store from this date and onwards.

Opening transfer-out date:

This will bring all the transfer-out transactions for the given store from this date and onwards.

Inventory adjustment date:

This will bring all the transactions related to inventory adjustments for the given store from the selected date and onwards.

Activity logs

Syncing accounting data between two of your business solutions is a crucial operation that needs to be monitored carefully and tracked. Otherwise, you can incur great losses due to inaccuracies. Therefore, the x2xeCommerce RMH-QuickBooks integration solutions offer activity logs allowing the user to remain updated on the status of their operations. The activity log also allows the user to discover and troubleshoot any syncing error that could result thus enabling a more consistent and accurate integration operation. Auditing is also an important area for businesses where the properly maintained comprehensive activity log can help the businesses for compliance purposes. 

A interface of the application


The increasingly complex nature of business dynamics has created many business management challenges. Fortunately, the technological landscape has enabled us to create solutions to tackle them. The x2xeCommerce RMH-QuickBooks integration solution is one such solution, providing you with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand environment full of useful features for your ease and convenience. Furthermore, what is great about this solution is its customization capability allowing you to have it modified to meet your specific needs and fulfill your growing business management demands. Therefore, with this solution implemented, you can confidently ensure a step towards unified business management with your RMH and QuickBooks accounts aligned.

The x2xeCommerce also provides many other integration solutions in the domain of ERP, POS, and eCommerce. An example of another solution by the x2xeCommrce is The x2xeCommerce Business Central - Shopify Integration solution. Reach out to the x2x team for any query or a free demo.



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