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Updating Inventory in x2x GP-Shopify Integration Solution

Inventory management is at the heart of successful business operations; over and under-selling, inaccurate forecasting & inventory stocking, and delayed order processing times all eventually lead to customers’ dissatisfaction and business losses. Therefore, seeking to prevent all these business adversities, management must pay special heed to this functional domain. Many businesses fail within the first five years of starting owing to poor management & planning; Of course, as a business owner, you don’t want this occurring to you. Are you running a Shopify store along with Microsoft GP to manage operations? Then the x2x GP-Shopify integration solution can help you sync and optimize inventory management between these platforms.

How the x2x GP-Shopify solution works

Designed using the same language Microsoft GP is developed, the x2x GP-Shopify solution works as an add-on ecommerce module for Dynamics GP. The module provides for integration between various parameters of Shopify and GP, enabling the autonomous data migration between these two platforms in a seamless fashion. The events and actions of these two platforms are linked to each other, ensuring the management of data parameters in one solution from the interface of the other to establish a more homogenous business system.

Benefits of x2x GP-Shopify inventory management feature

Businesses are often concerned about optimizing and refining their processes for improvements – here, you can leverage the x2x GP-Shopify inventory management feature. With this solution, besides optimizing your inventory management, you can prevent common problems associated with business data management.

  1. Save time: Time is a crucial resource for businesses – time lost cannot be regained. Maintaining the same databases in two disparate solutions wastes this precious resource. Databases as volatile as inventory call for frequent data updates; manually inputting and changing the data in both solutions is time-consuming. However, when the inventory between the two solutions gets synced with the x2x GP-Shopify solution, you can save a great deal of time.

  2. Save resources: Like time, you need resources to carry out tasks, especially human resources. With inventory updated automatically, you can free up your human resources from mundane and repetitive tasks such as inputting inventory data and utilize them for more demanding operations.

  3. Prevent errors: Duplication errors & redundancies, missed data, and inaccurate inputs can cost businesses a lot. Poor data management costs world economies trillions of dollars each year. Most often, these errors occur due to human errors; however, with the integration solution facilitating autonomous data migration by ensuring the accurate mapping of the data parameters, you can prevent such errors and improve your business revenues.

Features of x2x GP-Shopify inventory management

Designed as a flexible and comprehensive solution x2x GP-Shopify module provides various inventory-related functionalities enabling efficient inventory management and updating it to Shopify.

  1. Warehouse selection: If you have multiple inventory locations on GP, you can select the location from where you want to update the inventory in Shopify.

  2. Uploading utility: Utilizing this utility, you can upload various entities like inventory at any time. Upon upload, the inventory between GP & Shopify gets synced.

  3. Job scheduler: You can also set up a scheduler to update inventory at set time intervals per your requirements without human intervention.


Good inventory management practices can enhance business productivity; therefore, businesses must ensure they implement them. The x2x GP-Shopify integration solution optimizes your inventory management and seamlessly enhances your productivity. With its comprehensive features incorporating inventory management, you can ensure great convenience in this business management domain.

Reach new heights of productivity with x2x GP-Shopify integration module. Are you still wondering if this is the right solution for you? Reach out to the x2x team for a free demo or any queries you have.


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