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Creating Customers in x2x GP-Shopify integration solution

Business is only possible if there are customers; they make or break the business – how often they buy, their average cart value, what they purchase, and most importantly, their satisfaction; all this provides valuable insights about customers. Therefore, customer information is crucial for any business's success, yet many businesses still struggle to manage it properly, costing them business opportunities. More importantly, syncing customers between multiple platforms becomes even more crucial in properly maintaining your data if you are using multiple platforms. The x2x GP-Shopify integration seamlessly allows you to create and manage Shopify customers within GP.

How the solutions work

The solution is developed utilizing the same Dexterity language as the Microsoft GP and serves as a Shopify add-on to the Microsoft GP. The flexible solution includes various features & functionalities to facilitate the user per their requirements.

Why implementing the solution is necessary

Business management demands diligence and can’t afford many errors. However, when business systems involve multiple solutions, their homogeneity is affected. Hence, needing an integrated solution – binding the business system together. Without any integration between solutions, management risk wasting time & resources, besides many errors that result from manually syncing the data between solutions.

Benefits of implementing the solution

Once the solution gets implemented for your business, it provides immense benefits that solve the problems mentioned above, allowing you to create & manage customers between GP & Shopify seamlessly.

  • Save time: Avoid double-data entry by inputting customer info on GP and uploading it to Shopify in simple steps. Vice versa, you can download the customers from Shopify to GP without inputting data again into GP.

  • Save resources: Getting things done in less time means your resources will be free for more time that you can utilize elsewhere.

  • Prevent errors: Errors in customer data can be bad for your business management – imagine shipping to the wrong customer address. Automatic syncing taking place between the solutions prevents any errors that result from manual data inputs.

Features of x2x GP-Shopify Customer management

The solution allows for the configuration of different settings as per user requirements.

  1. Creating customers: You can create a new customer or use the guest customer to incorporate the customer details as the orders get downloaded in GP.

  2. Customers selection: You can select which customers you want to upload to Shopify by enabling the web store customer option for each.

  3. Uploading customers: Upload multiple customers by selecting the range based on different customers’ entities.


Synchronization between business solutions is crucial when using multiple solutions – especially when it matters to external factors like customer satisfaction. The x2x GP-Shopify integration solution allows you to seamlessly create & manage Shopify customers from your GP environment – saving you time & resources and improving the accuracy of your data simultaneously.

Want to streamline your operations with a solution like this? The x2x team can implement a solution for you as well. And if you have any queries or want a free demo, feel free to reach the x2x team.


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