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Creating and managing collections in Gp-shopify

The need for organization is everywhere in our life. In fact, the human brain asks for it; our mind can make more sense of organized objects. These objects can be anything; information, physical products, or thoughts. Just as organization is the essence of a productive brain, an organized product catalog is fundamental to good business management; besides making it convenient for customers to browse desired products, organizing products ensures easier product management. However, if you’re using multiple business solutions, it’s crucial to ensure that products are arranged in the same manner across all platforms to enable efficient management of your business system. For this reason, x2xecommerce presents collection creation and product-assigning functionality in its GP-Shopify integrations.

Benefits of collections management in GP-Shopify

The GP-Shopify solution seeks to enhance the compatibility between business solutions and improve productivity by saving time & resources.

  1. Save time: Inputting the same collection data on two platforms can take significant time. With this solution, avoid double data entry by syncing the collections between both platforms; just define the collection data parameters on GP and upload it to Shopify. Consequently, you can utilize the saved time for more demanding tasks.

  2. Save resources: Manually inputting data consumes your precious resources besides wasting your precious time. Imagine inputting the same data two times – not just your human resources would be occupied for double the amount of time, but your equipment would also be busy. Like time, you can use the saved resources for more demanding tasks.

  3. Prevent errors and inaccuracies: Manually inputting the same data on two disparate platforms could result in inaccuracies between the two databases; these errors can confound the user and impair decision-making. Furthermore, any corrections needed would take time to track and correct, again wasting time & resources, and can even prove costly.

Collection creation features in GP-Shopify

As a comprehensive and flexible solution, GP-Shopify provides different features for creating and managing collections on Shopify:

  1. Create collections and sub-collections: The solution allows you to create not just the collections but also the sub-collections to organize products at different levels; this allows greater control of the product catalog and its organization.

  2. Assign collections to products: Besides creating collections, you can also assign collections to the product so that your products appear under the same hierarchy on the both platform.

  3. Create a collection in bulk: If you’ve many collections to assign, you can utilize the excel to create as many collections as required and then upload them on Shopify, saving you time.

Creating collections

The GP-Shopify solution allows the creation of collections in an intuitive and easy fashion. The collection card incorporates a window that displays all the collections and their hierarchy for easy visibility; the user can select the parent collection and assign a sub-collection for it, name it, and even provide it with a description. Also offered is an option to publish the collection – whether you want to upload the collection to the webstore or leave it unchecked for future upload.


The human mind is a creative entity – its ability to think, reason, and analyze makes it very special. Therefore, an intelligent way to maximize its potential is to free it from mundane tasks that are repetitive & boring, yet mentally exhausting as well, for more creative and cognitively demanding jobs – this is possible with x2xecommerce solutions. With the x2xecommerce GP-Shopify solution implemented, optimize your manual & repetitive tasks like collection creation & management simultaneously on Shopify and GP, and improve your productivity by focusing on more creative operations instead.

If you’ve any queries or want a free demo, reach the x2xecommerce team; the team would be happy to help you implement a solution that meets your specific requirements.



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