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Creating & uploading item in x2x GP-Shopify

If you’re a retailer, then you must know how overwhelming it can be to maintain your product data on business platforms. And if you’ve multiple platforms to manage, then it can become even more daunting. Businesses incur billions of dollars of losses annually because of improper business systems. In contrast, having efficient and seamless operations management can do wonders for your business elevating profits to new heights. Are you running an ecommerce store on the Shopify platform and using Microsoft GP to manage your business operation? Then the x2x GP-Shopify integration module can enhance your productivity significantly through seamless and autonomous data migration between the two.

Benefits of x2x GP-Shopify item creation feature

The solution is designed to provide convenience and enhance productivity for the user. With the x2x GP-Shopify solution implemented, you can

Save time: Instead of simultaneously defining the same product parameters on both Shopify and GP, you can simply input them on GP and upload them to Shopify using the integrated solution. Consequently, you can utilize the saved time for more demanding tasks.

Save resources: When your data is synced automatically across both platforms, you save your resources by preventing them from double entering the same data again on the other platform and utilizing them elsewhere.

Prevent data inconsistency: Data inconsistency between business solutions is a huge problem that needs addressing. If the data between the two solutions is inconsistent, you’ll find yourself wasting time & resources by producing the wrong output. Most of this results from human errors while inputting data and can cost businesses significant losses. However, this issue gets resolved through data syncing enabled by the x2x integrated solution.

Easy to learn: Designed using the same language as Microsoft GP, the x2x GP-Shopify integration module enables users to utilize the same environment as Microsoft GP to create and manage products on Shopify – it acts as an add-on module to GP. Therefore, it is easy to learn and ready to use almost instantly with minimal training.

Features of x2x GP-Shopify item creation

The x2x GP-Shopify comes with features that cater to various business requirements. These features allow the user to choose options that suit them.

Job scheduler: This feature allows management to set the time interval for auto-updating/uploading items from GP to Shopify; when the job scheduler runs, items get uploaded automatically without human intervention. You can define the time & date with the interval for the scheduler to run.

Product upload with utility: Besides using a scheduler, you can upload items anytime you want using the utility tool; the solution enables you to select the range of items to be uploaded. Additionally, when uploading items within a range, you can choose to remove certain items from updations.

Activity log: The activity log contains records of all the data migration activities between the GP and Shopify; you can check if the activity has been completed and at what time, besides other details.


The homogeneity of data across different systems is crucial for efficient business management. The x2x GP-Shopify integration module allows you to seamlessly manage product data on the Shopify store from your GP environment saving your time & resources and preventing any data inconsistencies that result from human input.

Elevate your productivity levels with autonomous operations made possible with x2xecommerce. If you’ve any queries or want a free demo feel free to reach the x2x team.



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