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Keeping track of your integration activities with x2x RMH-WooCommerce integration

Ensuring operational activities proceeds successfully is essential to business management. However, keeping track of many tasks at once can be challenging in a fast-paced business environment where our conscious mind is preoccupied with numerous business endeavors. It is crucial to recognize the importance of properly monitoring your activities – it increases accountability, prevents & corrects mistakes, and gives you an overall awareness of your business environment – increasing the productivity of your business.

Understanding the feedback importance x2xecommerce presents an RHM-WooCommerce integration solution along with other RMH solutions like RMH-Netsuite & more, incorporating various features that enable management to track & monitor integrations and data migration between the two solutions.

Significance of monitoring your data integration:

The credibility and reliability of utilizing multiple solutions depend on their integration accuracy. Therefore, monitoring the integration and data syncing between your business solution is crucial.

  1. Make timely decisions with accuracy & confidence when you’re aware of sync timing and how updated your data is.

  2. Error notifications save time in diagnosing & troubleshooting errors. Furthermore, with errors getting resolved swiftly, the efficiency of your operations improves.

  3. In business management, many processes depend on others and can’t proceed before the others get completed first. With automatic notifications, your team can progress as soon as the pre-requisite tasks are complete without worrying about manually keeping track of activities.

Last activities:

In the fast pace data environment where data is constantly changing, it’s crucial to realize when the previous synching occurred between the two business solutions. The solution provides the date & time for the following last syncing task:

  1. Order

  2. Inventory

  3. Price

  4. Item

By changing the date & time you can select from where to sync your data for each entity. Keeping track of these, you’ll know how updated your data is and enable you to initiate syncing of more recent data if required.

Email notification:

Email notification allows the user to get notifications of all the order activities via email; this is useful in keeping track of your activities on the go. Additionally, you can notify other stakeholders by email as the task occurs so appropriate action can be taken. Furthermore, the email notification setup allows you to select whether you want an email for failed order activities or for all order activities.

Activity logs:

Most important feature that helps keep track of all the activities in the x2x RMH-WooCommerce solution is activity logs. The activity logs menu is a comprehensive tool featuring tabs containing logs for each kind of data – orders, inventory, price, and items. Furthermore, each tab includes fields that provide valuable information about the synced data and the availability to filter activities based on different preferences.


Integration is a must when you’re using multiple solutions. However, its true potential can only become realized when it functions properly; the x2xecommerce RMH-WooCommerce integration solution enables you to ensure its accuracy with its capability to let you monitor each activity it performs in detail.

If you have any questions or want a free demo, reach out to the x2xecommerce team, and the team would be more than happy to help.


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