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Product management with x2x RMH-Shopify PMP Module

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As someone who is familiar with retail business management, you would know the complexities involved in managing and maintaining product data, especially if there are thousands of products involved. Such management dynamics put strenuous demands on the business solutions responsible for managing product data and their users. Such a burden is exaggerated when you enter into multiple sales channels with their own business solutions calling for integration to realize a unified management system. This article discusses how the x2xecommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution facilitates product management when integration is in place between the two solutions.

Product integration management panel

The x2x RMH-Shopify offers an intuitive and information-rich product information panel allowing users to analyze and manage the integration of product information between RMH and Shopify. The information panel displays a table containing informative values pertaining to integration operations allowing the user to manage product integration on a product by product-by-product basis. Some of the useful values on the product information panel are:

Web status: This shows the web status of the item on RMH. If it’s true then the item will get uploaded to Shopify. The user can change the status of the item to enable or disable the uploading of the item from PMP to Shopify. It must be noted that changing the web status on either changes the web status on the other solution.

PMP web: This option is similar to the web status. Enabling this allows the item to get uploaded to Shopify even if the item's web status is False. This is useful when you have to upload the item on Shopify without marking it as a web item on RMH.

Sync & Web ID: The sync column features a checkbox that shows if the item has been successfully synced between PMP and Shopify. Once the item has been synced a web ID is assigned to the item which is displayed in the web ID column.

Lock: This shows if the item has been locked. Locking the item doesn’t update the item info on PMP and hence on Shopify as it’s changed in RMH.

Product filtering & search options

When you’re dealing with thousands of items filtering & search options come in handy. The x2x RMH-Shopify integration solution lets you find relevant and desired products easily using the product in the product management panel using the following filters

  • Web items are based on true, false, and all.

  • Item type based on simple, parent, and all.

Bulk operations

Imagine you want to web-enable 284 of your products on PMP, you know that selecting each product and then clicking “Mark as web item” is going to consume a lot of precious time. What if you could select all the items at once and mark them as web-enabled, much easier right? That is what the bulk operation feature of the x2x RMH-Shopify lets you do. The bulk operation feature, therefore, makes your operation more efficient and streamlined, saving time.

An image showing title of the solution interface,
An image showing title of the solution interface,

Product information window

The product information window displays the product information fields containing values as per the defined mapping. It allows the user to see what product information is synced between RMH and PMP before it’s uploaded to Shopify and lets the user make any changes before uploading to Shopify. This is useful when you want information on Shopify different from RMH provided the item is locked.


Product management is an essential part of retail business. Thus, any information and options pertaining to them and their process should be presented and available in an efficient manner to allow for seamless product management. The x2x RMH-Shopify integration adheres to such needs by featuring comprehensive, intuitive, and user-friendly product management options. If you’re looking to integrate this or any other solution in the domain of ERP, Ecommerce or POS, then the x2xecommerce can help you implement a desirable solution to meet your needs. Reach out to x2xecommerce for a free demo or any query.



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