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Price management with x2x business central & Magento integration

Product prices are one of the main deciding factors that affect sales. Therefore, ecommerce businesses must ensure that all of their product prices are accurate, and updated on their ecommerce stores. Nowadays online businesses utilize ERPs, along with ecommerce platforms, to maintain product data, and prices and manage their operations. But don’t you think it would such a laborious task to update the prices of hundreds of products simultaneously on both platforms and ensure they match, without any errors or differences? The x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento integration solves this problem by letting you manage your product prices on Magento using Business Central.

How price management is made possible by integration:

Developed using the same AL language as Business Central, the Business Central & Magento integration serves as an extension to Business Central, allowing the bi-directional flow of data between the two platforms and providing it with capabilities to manage Magento webstore from the Business Central environment in a user-friendly manner. Let’s see what the BC & Magento integration solution offers when it comes to price management.

Upload price:

While it is very important for prices to be synced between platforms, if you choose not to for any reason then you can turn the price upload feature on or off.

Scheduling the price

One feature of x2xecommerce products is the scheduler. With the scheduler, if you want, you can select to set a time interval for the prices to be uploaded on the Magento store automatically. This allows the retailers to select the best time interval that suits their needs.

Bulk price upload:

If you want to upload prices of multiple products then you can use the bulk functionality. This feature allows you to select the date and time; only the product prices updated after the selected date & time will get uploaded.

Upload sales price:

If you regularly put your items on sale then you can upload the sales prices using the integration as well. With this feature you can update the sales price for each of your products in one go through bulk options, saving you time.

Set multiple price levels:

One great feature that signifies the comprehensive nature and compatibility of this integration solution with Magento is that it accounts for price levels and customer groups that are part of the advanced pricing option in Magento. With this feature, you can define different prices for different types of customers by grouping them together and assigning prices to that group in Business Central. Once an order is received, the customer will be charged based on the group they belong to.


x2xecommerce has extensive experience in providing integrated solutions to ecommerce businesses from various backgrounds. With this solution implemented for you, you can ensure efficient management of your webstore product prices from Business Central saving you time and preventing any errors that would occur due to manual tracking and updating of prices on both platforms.

Reach out to the x2xecommerce team for a free demo or any queries that you might have. The team would be more than happy to help you.

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