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Order Management in x2x Business Central & Magento Integration

Do you know that businesses that use order management systems see an increase of 20% in their revenue and a 30% reduction in their operational costs? If you often populate your Dynamics 365 BC with your Magento store orders data, then you must opt for x2x Dynamics 365 Business Central & Magento Integration. With the Integration implemented, you allow automatic downloading of your web orders directly into your Business Central to be processed and fulfilled. Once the orders are processed, you can upload them back to Magento, updating the order status and inventory accordingly. Consequently, you can save great time & resources, as well as eliminate any error due to manual input. Let’s see what the order management in BC & Magento integration offers.

Order entry:

Imagine manually inputting all your web orders directly into your Business Central every time you make an online sale. Fortunately, with the x2x Business Central & Magento Integration module, this can be done automatically. The order entry features include:

  1. Setting the scheduler to automatically download the web orders at set time intervals.

  2. Selecting the status of the order to be downloaded.

  3. Create web customers in Business Central with order download.

  4. Option to define the Business Central Number series for web orders.

  5. Option to download orders anytime other than the scheduled time as required.

Order modification:

Online buyers are confident when buying from vendors that allow them to modify their orders. But do your business solutions allow for that? Without any order modification, you could ship the wrong quantity or the wrong products. Keeping track of all the order modifications and making changes to the Business Central database is not only impractical but also prone to errors. That’s why x2x BC & Magento integration presents automatic updating of modified errors into the Business Central database. The order modification process:

  1. Will modify any web order into Business Central

  2. Will cancel any pre-authorization payment and obtain new authorization for the revised amount.

Order cancellation:

Just like order modification the x2x BC & Magneto integration module updates the status of any canceled online order in the Business Central database. Also canceling any payment pre-authorization obtained.

Shipping process:

Shipping is an important part of the order fulfillment process. The module provides the option to ship products from Business Central and update the status on the Magento store.

  1. A new shipment record is created in Magento.

  2. The tracking number entered in Business Central is updated on Magento.

Invoicing process:

The module is a comprehensive solution that entails all the processes that encompass completing the order. Using x2x Business Central & Magento Integration you can also process invoices.

  1. When the orders are converted to invoices a corresponding invoice is created in Magento.

  2. Business Central provides and controls the invoice number for Magento.

  3. Any payment pre-authorization obtained is released and the customer is charged.


Considering the diverse operational management needs x2x team has designed the module with great flexibility in mind so that users can select the options that suit their requirements best. Some of the ways in which the x2x Business Central & Magento Integration module offers flexibility for order management are:

  1. Choose the status of the orders to download from Magento.

  2. Choose the status of orders on Magento after they have been downloaded into Magento.

  3. Choose the status of orders on Magento after they have been shipped or invoiced in Business Central

  4. If you have multiple online stores you can select the store from which you want to download the order.

  5. Choose whether you want to have the shipment & invoice uploaded on creation or not.


In this competitive world of eCommerce, business owners should seek ways that can enhance their business, if they were to remain atop of the competition. With x2x Business Central & Magento integration module you can ensure a seamless order processing that would not only make operations efficient on your end, saving you time & resources, but also elevate the customer experience.

Do you still wonder if this is the right solution for you? Reach out to us for any queries or a free demo. The x2xecommerce team would be more than happy to help you.



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