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x2x present Parent_Child creation functionality in BC & Magento Integration

Did you know that customers are more likely to buy if presented with different product variants? Having options to choose from not only gives customers a sense of control when purchasing but also improves their satisfaction level. However, when offering products with variants business owners often find themselves overwhelmed, especially in ecommerce. For this reason, many businesses utilize ERP systems to manage their operation efficiently. However, the variant creation feature of most ERPs is limited and isn’t compatible with eCommerce platforms. Realizing this the x2xecommerce presents Business Central & Magento integration solution that allows the user to create variant products and manage them in Magento using Business Central.

What does the variant feature of the solution offers:

The variant feature is designed to be compatible with the Magento platform. The x2x integration includes various methods in which you can create parent items and link them with their child items (variants), allowing the user to select the way that suits them best and upload the products to the Magento site. Let’s explore what the solution offers when it comes to variant functionality.


The parent/child creation functionality allows you to create a product with up to 3 options. When creating a parent item, you can select the options from the drop-down menu or create a new one. Upon creating a child item, however, one should always ensure that all the 3 options for it are defined.


With the x2x integration solution, you can see the list of all the parent items with their titles and options all in one place.

Creating parent/child item:

The x2xecommerce lets you create items with variants in a comprehensive manner. You can define the title, description, and categories. There are different ways in which you can create parent items

Through item card:

You can create each parent item separately by clicking the new in the parent item list and populating the relevant fields.

In bulk:

If you’ve more than one parent item to create then you can have the convenience of the bulk option and create multiple parent items in one step. This option uses an excel sheet to define the fields for Parent item creation.

Assigning child item to parent item:

In Business Central & Magento integration you create child items through an item card and then assign them to their respective parent item. However, when creating a child item it must be ensured that attributes on which the variants are based must be defined in the item card. After a child item is created, you can assign the parent item to them in the following ways:

Through item card:

You can assign the parent to an item using the item card itself. The integration solution adds extensive options specific to the integration in the item card under a new tab. Here you can select the parent item from the drop-down menu.

In bulk:

Like other bulk operations functionalities, the x2x integration provides the option to assign parent products in bulk using an excel sheet, saving you a great time. This is very useful especially if you want to assign multiple child items together, which is usually the case when creating items with variants.


ERP systems are no doubt very useful when it comes to managing your retail operations. However, ecommerce retail industry demands extra functionalities – unfortunately, they are not offered by many ERPs. The x2x Magento & Business Central integration enriches your Business Central ERP with the capabilities to create and manage variant products and upload them to your Magento store, along with many other functionalities to handle your webstore.

Reach out to our team of experts to discuss your integration needs. Our team can help you implement a solution that best suits your needs.


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