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How user interface in Business Central & Magento integration ensure seamless user experience

Your software may have superb capabilities, but without a friendly interface, providing a positive user experience is not guaranteed. As the bridge between a user and the software, a good interface should resonate with users' workflow by providing them with comfort and confidence as they navigate. Plus, It is also essential to ensure users can realize the full potential of your solution by utilizing its functionalities as intended. The need for an efficient user interface becomes more pronounced when a solution provides integration between multiple software, as it becomes more complex by incorporating functionalities and entities from various platforms. For this reason, considering good user interface practices, the x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento integration solution provides a seamless user experience.

Same environment as Business Central

As it comes to incorporating new solutions for your business, training is a concern. The x2x Business Central & Magento integration is a native add-on application for Business Central developed using the same language as Business Central. Since it acts as an add-on to Business Central, the environment is the same, allowing users to access all the functionalities of the integration solution from the Business Central environment. Consequently, already familiar with Business Central, companies can train their employees with minimum training, saving time and expenses associated with training.

Having the same environment also means that users can leverage the navigation functionalities of Business Central when using the x2x solution, such as personalizing tab positions and pinning options, to name a few. Furthermore, having the same environment allows users to switch tasks between Business Central and the integrated solution in a seamless manner.

Unified and integrated navigation experience

Data migration and syncing are just one aspect of the integration solution; the unified and integrated navigation experience enables leveraging the integrated business solution to its fullest. The combined x2x BC & Magento integration architecture allows the functions & options of integration add-on to call Business Central entities and create new ones by providing navigation links and paths between the two. For example, using the navigation panel in the parent item card, you can open the list of items in business central or create a new one to link it with the parent item. Similarly, with the navigation structure of the settings menu, you can select an existing customer template or create a new one.

Moreover, similar options and settings are offered under the same tabs and windows, providing more unified information and management functionalities. For example, integration adds a section to the item and customer cards that contains online options and information relating to these entities. Having all the similar options under the same window permits efficient management, allows easy navigation between functionalities, and saves time.

Feedback verification

In business management, ensuring that tasks get completed is crucial. Therefore, feedbacks are imperative to correct any errors that prevent desirable outcomes. The x2x integration provides feedback on task completion. However, if there’s any error, it’s pointed out in the feedback with an explanation for correction. Consequently, users gain confidence that no task is left incomplete and is error-free.

Furthermore, the integrated solution includes an activity log that keeps track of all the operations and their status, allowing the operation management team to monitor and validate their task outcomes. It is useful, especially for getting feedback on automatic tasks, such as scheduling.


A good user experience is the most desirable outcome of any business solution, and a good functioning interface plays a crucial role in this domain. The design principles of x2x Business Central & Magento integration solutions demonstrate this. With this solution implemented for you, you can seamlessly manage your Magento store from the Business Central environment using an intuitive and comprehensive user interface with a minimal learning curve. To understand more benefits and how this solution can work out for your needs, reach the x2xecommerce team for a free demo or any queries.



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