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Order Manager: A module of x2x RMH-Shopify integration solution

Hybrid retailing is gaining popularity in the retail industry aiming to capture more sales from people who prefer buying online while maintaining their sales from physical stores. However, this presents a management challenge for many retail companies as they confront two disparate platforms to manage sales; maintaining product information, and handling orders simultaneously on two platforms can take time and effort. This puts an extra burden on your resources besides delaying process that directly affects customers’ satisfaction. The x2x RMH-Shopify integration solution is what exactly is needed by such dynamics.

The x2x RHM-Shopify integration solution enables the management of Shopify orders from RHM and updates information on Shopify from RMH by syncing the two solutions. Thus, helping achieve a centralized management system where you can manage orders and input information on a single interface for both solutions. The solution consists of two modules; Order Manager and Product Management Portal. This article discusses the Order Manager.

What is Order Manager?

Order manager is a module of x2x RMH-Shopify that deals with syncing Shopify orders with RMH; it also offers other functionalities related to inventory and prices. Functionalities of Order Manager include:

  1. Downloading orders

  2. Uploading price

  3. Upload inventory

  4. Uploading invoice

  5. Uploading fulfilments

Other than the aforementioned functionalities, some other functionalities of Order Manager includes.


Business comes with varying requirements and this is considered by the x2x developers. The Order Manager gives various options for user to choose as per the requirement of their operations. You can:

  1. Select payment status for order to download.

  2. Select fulfillment status for orders to download.

  3. Select a default sales representation for downloaded orders.

  4. Create new customers or use a default one for every online order in RMH.

  5. Select the default payment method.

  6. Create unknown taxes

  7. Create unknown items.

Having the ability to select such options besides allowing the users to meet their specific requirements module ensures efficient operations by processing only the relevant data.


As the name suggests, this tool lets you set intervals for orders to download; you can select different intervals units and then input the intervals per your needs. This is useful in that online stores are operational 24/7, and with regular order downloading you can easily ensure that your RMH is synced with your Shopify store regardless of time, without needing any manual effort.

Real-time fulfillment & Invoice

Quick order processing is critical for your ecommerce business which must be visible to customers for a better customer experience. The Order Manager enables the uploading of fulfillment and invoices as soon as they’re processed in RHM and instantly changes the order status on Shopify for customers.

Items sync

This functionality syncs all the items between RMH and Shopify. Furthermore, any item present in Shopify not available in RMH is created in RMH.

Test mode

Test mode allows the user to test the syncing of prices and inventory between the RMH and Shopify by selecting one desired item and then updating its price and inventory; this is useful when you want to test the solution without changing the data for all the products.

Last activities

The last activities function lets you select the date & time for an activity (Price or inventory upload, Order download) and perform the activities after the selected date such that any missed information gets synced between the two solutions. This is useful

All/Latest prices & inventory upload

These features let you select if you want to upload the prices and inventory of all the items or just the items that witnessed a change in these values after the selected date.


To ensure the seamless functioning of the hybrid retail business you need to enable a system that connects both of your solutions to achieve harmony between them such that their prices & inventory are in sync and your order can get processed from a single point of control and updated on other. The order Manger Module of the x2x RHM-Shopify solution lets you update prices and inventory on Shopify from RMH and download online orders from Shopify to RHM efficiently.

If you’re looking to integrate this solution for your needs or any RHM-ecommerce solution like x2x RMH-Magento solution, the x2x team would be more than happy to help. Contact us for any query or a free demo.



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