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Magento with Microsoft Dynamics GP – Leverage during the coronavirus times

With the ongoing situation of coronavirus and the need to stay home, online shopping has had a massive growth and many businesses are striving to reach their sales whilst allowing customers to shop within the comfort of their homes. However, there are certain steps that a retailer must take in order to boost their sales and gain as many customers as they can.

In order to attract customers, you must ensure your webstore is geared up for sales. Are you moving adequate amount of data between Magento and your ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics GP? The efficiency of your website will then be reflected in a positive or negative way pertaining to the design of your website. Considering the rapid changes and advancements in selling techniques, growth of a business requires getting rid of the old processes, fast forwarding to picking the best integration solution and highlighting the signs where operational efficiency is needed for your Magento webstore.

You might be facing the below list of issues daily:

  1. Inaccurate product information

  2. Overselling

  3. Manual data entry consuming extra time

  4. Order shipping late or wrong

  5. Inconsistent online/offline experiences

  6. Customer service spending more time in fixing your own errors

If your business is one that is experiencing any or all of the above problems, it is highly recommended you choose a perfect eCommerce integration as a tool to organize your business without further ado. The good news is, integration between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP can help in all these areas and more!

One major factor that may help your business flourish is choosing the right integration approach without making it complicated or you having to spend thousands of dollars. To help evaluate your options, some risks, benefits and costs of two main integration approaches are compared – custom and third-party apps.

Custom eCommerce Integration

The first thing that you come across while evaluating your business is to have a custom-built integration. Unless you have the skill of developing an in-house customized integration offered by your web agency, not every software consultant may have the expertise in integration. Therefore, there are certainly going to be some risks occurring repeatedly. Before you decide, you may want to consider the following questions:

Is your software going to be handled by a single person?

Does that mean the building, maintaining and supporting of your entire solution will be handled by one personnel? This could be due to limited resources, but what happens when that one person is unavailable due to any reason? This will cause a major impact to your integration routine causing it to break and lose orders.

Will your integration hold up over time?

An integration that does not account for all the scenarios could severely mess up your data further leading you to contact support for each fixation which may be time consuming.

How much will it cost you?

Not every vendor has the expertise of building an integration software, hence vendors writing custom codes each time could be costly. Clients are quoted $30,000 – $50,000 for integration between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP which is only the initial cost and does not include the “hidden” costs that may be charged for any bug fixes or updates down the lane. Which, in the long-run, make these custom projects more expensive than you budget.

Hence, you don’t want to work with a software that you may outgrow considering the rapid advancements especially if you want to scale your processes. Unless you have defined integration needs, for instance integrating many custom apps on top of Magento and Dynamics GP, opting for a custom-built software may not be your best suited choice.

3rd Party eCommerce Integration Solution

Another solution for integration on the contrary is a 3rd party plugin, which has a hub that connects Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP for automated transactions with pre-built connectors that help manage data transformation and orchestration. A few questions to consider include:

Does it help to sync data?

For daily crucial tasks, like ensuring out of stock items are not ordered or promotional prices are not set for longer than they are supposed to be, it is necessary to have real-time data processing.

Who maintains the platform?

Depending on your provider, whether it is a Saas or iPaas, the platform and connectors should be maintained on a regular basis meaning that the provider will supervise any updates, bugs or security related issues that can boost your integration software’s performance between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP, that too without any additional charges.

How much will it cost you?

A monthly subscription fee is paid for Saas and IPaaS solutions, which includes hosting, maintaining and supporting your solution on their platform. A one-time payment is required for implementation for them to set up and connect your system. Depending on the requirement of the services you’re receiving, the rates may vary from $99 – $500and above for subscriptions and implementation could cost from $5000 – $20,000 and above.

Keeping the above comparisons in sight, it is recommended to integrate Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP, which may be a critical step, but will allow you to rehabilitate and fasten your processes for your business to not rely on manual data entry, leaving bare minimum room for errors.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts today for a wonderful integration suite that can save your resources and time! Write to us at to get a FREE 1-Hour Consultation session today!



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