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What makes x2xecommerce BC-Magento solution effective

Setting a pathway to growth is the objective of every business. However, without optimal operations your road to success can be bumpy. Therefore, an efficient approach is necessary; you can achieve this by utilizing efficient tools and resources for your business. If you’re running an ecommerce business, then the need for ecommerce integration arises. In this domain, the x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento Integration solution is beneficial, offering various features and functionalities to enhance the efficiency of operations. Let’s see what makes this solution effective.


Humans are cognitive beings, while machines work on pre-programmed instructions; this makes machines more effective at doing repetitive tasks with greater accuracy in comparison to humans, who are better at performing reasoning and logical tasks. The x2xecommerce solution allows setting up a scheduler, enabling the transfer of data between the two solutions automatically at set time intervals. You can:

  1. Schedule order downloads

  2. Schedule shipment uploads

  3. Schedule invoice uploads

  4. Scheduler price & inventory upload

Bulk operations

Managing ecommerce entities is a cumbersome task that needs regular data updates and modifications. Doing this for each entity through their respective options would consume precious time & resources. However, the bulk operation functionality allows you to create & update data for multiple ecommerce entities like products & customers in a single go using an Excel sheet and upload them to Magento. Furthermore, the availability of data parameters for multiple entities in a single space allows easier tracking, accessibility, and data comparison. The following ecommerce operations are processed using the x2xecommerce BC-Magento bulk functionality:

  1. Creating and importing categories in bulk

  2. Creating Parent items in bulk

  3. Assigning Parent items to a child in bulk

  4. Uploading Parent & Child items to the webstore in bulk

  5. Uploading price & items quantity to webstore in bulk

  6. Uploading/updating items in bulk

  7. Uploading customers in bulk


Automation features symbolize the effectiveness of any business solution. The x2x business central & Magento integration solution features an autosave option that automatically performs the relevant task after the task that precedes it; this ties the two tasks together and ensures the completion of any necessary operation required after the first task automatically.

Activity log

Tracking your progress is itself a crucial step in the path toward it. The x2x solution provides an activity log that displays all the integration activities with their statuses and time, allowing you to verify the completion of your operations and troubleshoot errors in case some operation fails, providing transparency and increasing accountability of operations.


Mapping between the solutions can be defined as the core of data syncing & integration since it matches the data fields between the two solutions. The x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento integration allows payment, shipment, and tax mappings; for each of these mappings, you can define the fields of Magento against Business Central fields that are populated as data get transferred from Magento to Business Central.

Mapping provides convenience for recording tax and accounting purposes; you can associate different accounts in the Business Central’s chart of accounts with tax areas code in the Magento as per your choice. As a result, when a sales order gets downloaded, the tax is automatically recorded in the relevant tax account in the chart of accounts.

x2x Magento Information

While other features transfer data between the common fields of the two solutions, this section is an add-on to the Business Central cards containing fields relevant to the Magento information and the integration. With the data fields specific to Magento & integration available in the Business Central, users can access the pertinent information directly from the Business Central interface; the availability of all the relevant information on a single interface enables easier monitoring and management of integration activities, thus providing a unifying experience to the users.


The effectiveness of any business solution depends on its ability to provide automation, transparency, monitoring capabilities, and support scalability; the x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento integration solution carries all these qualities. If you’re looking for a comprehensive integration solution, whether it’s in the BC-Magento domain or some other like BC-Shopify, the x2x team, an expert in providing ecommerce solutions, can implement a solution for you. Reach out to the x2x team for any query or demo; the team would be happy to help.



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