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How to increase your webstore sales this Christmas season?

We are just 2 weeks away from Christmas! You can hear Jingle Bells ringing if you listen well. Santa Clause is on his way with his friends. Merry Christmas folks!

Same goes with the promotions. I am sure everyone has their emails flooded with offers, promotions and deals. You get to experience many X’mas marketing strategies. This blog will cover couple of tips to enhance your online sales and trust me; you are going to see at least 40% increase in sales for your webstore!

#1. Setting up your Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics and Google Adwords: After you have setup targeted deals page for X’mas, you will see an increase in the quality score compared to the ones who haven’t created any. You can minimize costs when it comes to bidding for coveted keywords.

Keep track of your page reach, clicks and other engagement data using Google Analytics. This way, you will be able to change your strategy based on the current situations.

Emailers: Most of the webstores follow email campaigns as a marketing practice. You can create Christmas deal specific email campaigns and send them at regular intervals to attract visitors to your website.

Social Media Adverts: You should be focusing on Pinterest, Instagram along with Facebook. These social media platforms are recommended due to higher traffic and visual appearance. Get in touch with your graphics team to come up with pretty GIFs, videos and target them towards your potential customers.

#2. Setting up a dedicated Seasons’ Greetings Page

Focus on the categories/products that will generate top deals from your webstore for Christmas. You can add snippet or overlays to relevant pages from your website to boost user engagement. Come with attractive page designs and offers and get benefited by creating search advertisements (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads etc.)

#3. 360-degree content based campaigns

On your website/deal page, theme the page with Christmas designs powered by infographics, videos and definitely, posts. You can bring in gifting tips for family audience, fashion, food and beverages etc. Bring in a techie-Christmas feeling to everyone out there!

Once you are done with the page/site, start promoting it via email campaigns and social media pages. It can be added as snippets in your email campaigns and videos/banners can go in social media channels.

#4. Diverting web traffic from the main site

You have already setup SEO for your webstore’s mail page isn’t it? When it’s Christmas, you need to design banners diverting the users to the Christmas deal page. Adding overlays and banners will surely bring in more traffic to such pages instantly.

#5. Website Performance – 100%!

If you were a customer, wat do you feel if the webstore is a morosely loading platform? Especially during those busy sales like Black Friday, it’s going to be the biggest issue that you should have resolved earlier. Inorder to ensure that your webstore is steady and got higher performance, add a plugin which actually popups a survey in the screen. You will be able to evaluate the website performance better with visitor survey information.

#6. Transparency and Trust

Since it’s X’mas, customers do know very well that you won’t be able to deliver the orders within a day. What disappoints customers is that you have given a false promise and them expecting for it. It’s like you give a tiny asterisks during such announcements. Trust me, it’s a very bad idea!

Instead, run a footer message in the website saying you won’t be able to fulfill the order delivery. You may lose some of the orders, but it won’t compromise customer loyalty and satisfaction.

#7. Choosing the right Integration tool for your webstore and ERP

You got your webstore ready and probably running an ERP in the backend to file the invoices and inventory details. How about exploring a revolutionary solution combining the power of top-notch ERP solutions and Enterprise eCommerce suite? Well, see the benefits for yourself!

  1. Your top-notch ERP suite integrated eCommerce module

  2. Live in 4 weeks

  3. Supports top notch e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerceand Shopify

  4. Start selling right away with Amazon and other Marketplaces

  5. Supports Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Retail Management Suite and Retail Management Hero (RMH)

  6. Fully secure, PCI DSS enabled checkout

  7. Multi-device compatible

  8. Warehouse Management System compatible

  9. Custom eCommerce app for iPhone/Android

That’s all folks! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantabulous year ahead.

Happy Christmas Marketing!



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