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How Job Scheduler in x2x GP-Shopify Integration automates tasks

Is managing your business time & resources a priority? If you use two different business solutions, you would already know how time-consuming is it to manually transfer data from one to the other. Plus, manual data entry leads to errors. Our GP-Shopify integration solutions not just sync your business solutions but also automates a lot of tasks, that would otherwise have to be done manually. For this reason, the GP-Shopify integration features Job Scheduler. This feature allows the user to carry out various integration features offered by the GP-Shopify module automatically.

What can you do with the Job scheduler:

While the platform allows for syncing and exchange of data between the two platforms, what the job scheduler does is automates when the two platforms exchange data with each other so that you don’t have to keep track of the time and do it manually. With the provided scheduler you can

Schedule product upload:

If you update your catalog from time to time, then you can enable the product upload scheduler to upload products to Shopify. Your product details along with pictures will get uploaded according to the product mapping.

Schedule web order download:

You can download orders from Shopify into your Dynamics GP to be processed and fulfilled.

Schedule fulfillment upload:

Once the orders are processed and fulfilled you can update the order status as fulfilled with job schedulers updating the status and inventory on Shopify.

Schedule inventory upload:

Ensure that the inventory level that is displayed on the Shopify store to your customers is in sync with the actual inventory levels on your Dynamics GP platform through regular updating.

Schedule collection upload:

You can create collections and sub-collections on the Dynamics GP platforms and upload them to Shopify. With the scheduler you’ll, always ensure that the collection hierarchy on Shopify is in line with the GP Shopify platform.

Schedule price upload:

It is very crucial to have the price on Shopify synced with the product price on Dynamics-GP so that your web customers always see the correct price on your web store. With a scheduler, you can ensure this by regularly updating the price on Shopify automatically.

Other features of Job Scheduler:

The scheduler comes with many other features so that you can set schedules as per your flexibility:

Interval setting:

You can select the intervals in hours or minutes at which you want the job to run.


You can select hourly, minutes, or weekly as the base time interval and put the number of hours/minutes in the interval settings or select the date on which the schedule will run.

Start/End date:

You can select the start/end date from the to which date you want the scheduler to run.

Start/End time:

You can select the start/end time for which you want the scheduler to run.

Active status:

Once the scheduler is set up you can activate the scheduler by checking the active checkbox.


With the advent of technology, great tools have been developed to make business processes more efficient. Dynamics-GP is a great tool that can help you manage your Shopify store from the GP environment through the exchange and processing of data. And with the Job Scheduler, you can even automate a lot of tasks with regular updating and downloading of data ensuring that your data on both platforms is updated without any human intervention.

x2xecommerce with vast experience in providing integrated solutions to eCommerce businesses can help you with implementing great solutions to streamline your business operations. Feel free to reach out to x2xecommerce for a free demo and consultancy according to your business needs.



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