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Sales Order download functionality in GP-Shopify

Companies put great efforts into ensuring an optimal process flow for maximum efficiency. However, any process depends on its inputs, which often take the form of data. Without having accurate data, no matter how frictionless your process network, you’ll have counterproductive outputs. Sales data is crucial for any business; the foundation of many other databases. This data, captured across various touchpoints and platforms, needs consolidation before management can process it; this, done manually, can impair efficiency, but thanks to integrated solutions can occur automatically. The x2x GP-Shopify integration solution allows downloading and managing Shopify orders directly from GP.

Benefits of downloading Shopify orders in GP

Enabling the order downloads from Shopify to GP, the x2x integrated solution goes beyond allowing users to manage Shopify orders from GP, opening more opportunities for its users. With Shopify orders downloaded into GP, your team can leverage the functionalities of the GP platform on the Shopify sales and order data. With Shopify sales orders synced with GP:

  1. Automatic entries get created into appropriate accounts in the general ledger; this helps with account management and tax compliance.

  2. Inventories are updated as the order is processed.

  3. You can utilize the report generation functionality of GP based on Shopify data and make informed decisions.

  4. You eliminate errors owing to manual data input improving customer satisfaction by fulfilling the order accurately.

  5. You save human resources through automation and improve customer satisfaction through faster order processing.

Order download options

Having looked at the benefits of Shopify orders in GP, let’s see what options the x2x GP-Shopify integration solution offers for order downloads. Realizing that every business has different requirements and process flow, the x2x solution incorporates options catering to different needs.

Payment status selection: This option allow the user to select the payment status of Shopify orders they want to download and process in GP.

Fulfillment status selection: This option allows users to select the fulfillment status of the Shopify order they want to download and process in GP.

Sales order document type: Allow the user to specify the type of sales document for the downloaded order

Create customers: Allow users to select whether to create Shopify customers in GP.

Order download methods

Like download options, the x2x GP-Shopify provides different methods to download web orders into GP.

Download sales orders at any given time: You can download sales orders whenever you want using the solution’s utility called Update Sales Data. It is useful when you need updated data before generating any report or making a decision.

Download orders using the scheduler: You can set up a scheduler to download orders automatically at set time intervals per your business requirements. The scheduler ensures your data remains updated without human intervention improving your operation team’s efficiency by freeing up resources.


The x2x GP-Shopify solution provides immense benefits with great flexibility to its users, catering to different business requirements. Get this solution implemented and ascends to a new height of optimization and increase your profitability.

Reach out to the team of x2xecommerce for more information on this solution. And If you’ve any questions or need a free demo, the team would be happy to help.



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