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How x2x RMH-GL improve business operations

Do you ever wonder how the efficiency of your retail operations can be enhanced? If yes, you’re not alone; this matter has always been paramount for businesses. In an intricate world of accounting where most data fields are defined with numbers, it is even more crucial to deal with the matter efficiently to ensure accuracy; if you’re using accounting software for your accounting needs alongside a POS for recording transactions, there needs to be harmony between the two. Without any interoperability, you’ll need to manually ensure updated data on each solution which is not feasible. This is where the x2xecommerce RMH-GL comes in, offering a solution to address this issue.

What is x2x RMH-GL Suite?

The x2xecommerce RMH-GL Suite enables the RMH user to export their General Ledger from RMH to any other compatible software. The following accounting software are compatible with the x2x RMH-GL Suite:

  1. QuickBooks

  2. Sage 50

  3. SAP

  4. Microsoft Dynamics GP

  5. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Let’s see how the x2x RMH-GL Suite serves your accounting needs and enhance those operations.


When it comes to accounting, errors and inconsistencies top the list of undesired outcomes; inaccuracies lead to bad decision-making and a potentially significant loss to the business, compromising the integrity of a business. Aiming to reduce human error, the x2x RHM-GL Suite automatically syncs the data between the two software, enabling the exact transfer of data values from the RMH General ledger to the accounting software without the need for any human intervention – eliminating any human error.

Achieving accuracy and consistency between solutions saves time & resources required to correct errors and makes the reconciliation step much easier owing to no data discrepancies. Plus, it provides accurate reports and analytics representing a real picture of the company’s financial health, establishing confidence of stakeholders.

Seamless business operations

Ensuring efficient operations requires maximum output with minimum input – this means accurately completing your tasks with minimum resources in minimum time. The x2xecommerce RMH-GL Suite eliminates the need for manual data inputs that require cumbersome human efforts & resources, besides taking a lot of valuable time and enables live data updates from RMH on your accounting software.

With your accounting software updated in real-time, your business management can make better decisions with confidence and monitor the progress of operations. With this improved transparency of your business operations, any preventive action can be taken on time before accruing any negative impacts.

More business tools at your disposal

Importing the general ledger from RMH to the accounting software of your choice enables you to utilize functions & features available in the accounting solution on the RHM transactional data, expanding the tools available for enhanced productivity and insights. Consequently, this increase in the yield of your data insights contributes to better decision-making.


When it comes to accounting, the more you erase the possibility of error & inconsistencies, the better it is. The x2xecommerce RMH-GL Suite allows you to transfer your RMH GL to your accounting software, eliminating human errors and discrepancies. Moreover, it streamlines your operations smoother and enhances decision-making capabilities.

The x2xecommerce, an expert in providing ERP/POS integration solutions, can implement this for you. Furthermore, the company offers other solutions for RMH, like x2x RMH-NetSuite. Feel free to contact the x2x team for a free demo or any queries.


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