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Why Should You Choose Magento Commerce?

Every business owner out there has only one desire and that is to see their business grow exponentially. Although the growth of your business is really exciting, the difficult part is scaling up other resources parallelly to the growth. And while scaling up, you’ll have to make some really difficult and important decisions. And an important one among those decisions is choosing to either scale up your existing ecommerce store or change to a more efficient one that aligns with your growth. One such ecommerce store you might want to upgrade to is Magento Commerce (formerly known as Enterprise Edition). Let us look at some signs why you must upgrade to Magento Commerce: -

1. High traffic in your webstore

It is only natural that you get a lot of visitors in your store when you start gaining popularity. But this sudden increase in visitors will force your store to push the limits, which will result in the slow performance of the site. Your site pages might break and your site might even crash due to the excess load. This will ultimately damage your reputation among the customers. So, before such a disaster occurs you must either increase your bandwidth or change your webstore to a more reliable one.

If you want to operate your business more efficiently and satisfy the increasing number of visitors, then enhanced databasing functions of Magento Commerce might be the right choice for you.

2. Conversion rate is low

It is a known fact that the conversion rate of a website is a way to measure the success or growth of that site. If your webstore has a high rate of conversion, then it means that your store is reaching the right audience, has the right products, and has a reasonable selling price. However, if you are using an open-source ecommerce platform, then you are missing out on some of the best conversion features on ecommerce platforms like Magento Commerce.

The Magento Commerce platform offers you various features to attract customers and increase the cart value of your customers. Most importantly these features improve the overall performance of your store to facilitate the retention of more visitors. Some of the features are listed below:

· Access around 100 types of promotions

· Built-in gift card function

· Create segmented messages for marketing

· Customizable up-sells and cross-sells

3. You want to serve globally

When a business reaches great heights where they can sell their products to a new audience it is considered to be a milestone. However, if that business does not have the proper ecommerce platform to support this huge leap, then it might not be able to sustain in that new market for long.

Magento Commerce has the ability to serve as the backbone of your business, whether you are expanding your business, introducing new products, or serving a new global market. You will have the option to build different webpages according to your audience and market. This will help in showcasing the right products to the right customers.

4. Your content isn’t driving sales

The important feature that helps a business to connect better and sell to customers is related to the store content and presentation. The features in Magento Commerce will act as a catalyst in the growth of your sales and customer satisfaction. You can easily update the layout and design of your store without a developer’s help using the modular content, preview, and scheduling tools.

You can also identify which items the customers are looking for with the help of the automated segmentation functionality of Magento Commerce. This information can be effectively utilised to build pages that are customized to that particular segment, using related content, images, and marketing strategies.

5. Difficulty in order fulfilment

When the number of customers increase, there is a high chance that you will have issues handling the fulfilment of orders. The most important thing you should do is forecast the customer demand so that you get an idea of the load that might be placed on your store. By anticipating the load prior to it occurring in the live store, you can overcome any crash or outages that might occur.

Some of the important features that might help you withstand the increase in demand are as follows:

· Broad Magento marketplace – you can access extensions in marketplace that are exclusively available to Magento Commerce merchants.

· Streamlined admin experience – the upgraded admin interface lets you manage customers, workflow, and orders more effectively.

· Improved database support – Magento’s multiple databases will help in creating a more productive and faster ecommerce environment.

· Customer-initiated returns – You can save time and reduce costs by allowing customers to initiate the returns themselves.

6. Drop in KPIs

When your internal factors are constant, and suddenly your business goes from successful to a struggle in a short period of time, it can get really frustrating. As the ecommerce sector keeps changing like any other sector, if you don’t implement the latest strategies and technologies, then you could lose potential customers. Your customers might migrate to other providers who offer better shipping, lower costs, better customer service, customized user experiences.

It is recommended to constantly check in on your website and make necessary upgrades as the market changes. Magento Commerce can help you provide personalized offers and better security and also in retaining customers.

Are you facing any issues in upgrading to a better and efficient ecommerce platform? No need to worry, x2x eCommerce will assist you in solving your difficulties with reliability, stability, consistency, and affordability. To know more about the integrations we offer that support your software and for further clarifications, reach us at or 888-929-3266 and get your complimentary 1 Hour Demo of the integration services at the earliest.


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